Kedah in Big Trouble

I'm surprised that Alor Setar has its own TESCO now. My stepmother tried to buy her favourite donuts here for the past three days but to no avail. History repeated itself yesterday but she was determined to get her donuts so we waited for her for half an hour.
Apparently, everybody here loves the new Tesco and the place is packed everyday. I don't think they understand the implication of massive supermarket companies infiltration into the state. Small grocery stores and minimarkets will close down soon because the locals will prefer to spend their money in larger-than-life- , comfortable, air-conditioned supermarkets like Tesco.
Sure, it does benefit Kedah like massive local employment but since it's a foreign company, the profit will not benefit Kedahans as a whole. The profit will be streamed down to its founders, foreigners. Tesco will also threat the surrounding supermarkets owned by Malaysians like Giant at Souq Al-Bukhari. Giant is also a foreign company but it runs like KFC. It has its own management here so it benefits us Malaysians more that it does to its founder.
Big Apple, a smaller franchise (compared to Tesco) is apparently having a blast. For its first month alone, not one donut is spared more than 5 minutes in the displaying compartment. The secret to its donut is its consistency of perfection. Kedahans can already afford to spend more on food so they will not hesitate to make daily trips to Big Apple for a treat.
Petty hawkers are in trouble. Their inability to think outside the box are deteriorating our heritage, our food. The state, as it seems have not foreseen the implication of globalization. They are happy that Kedah has a Tesco. They are happy that the state will get more money from Tesco (tax).
Pas is a kampung party with no sense of innovation and originality whatsoever. Pas is complacent. So is Kedah's UMNO.
They are complacent. Are we though?


flip flop said...

asal nak surprise kedah ada big apple..kedah dah maju lah..=P..kdah2 jangan main2

Afiq Deen said...

so kalau dah maju buatlah franchise sendiri ye tak?

ni bergantung pada franchise luar. Maju pebende cik siti???

Anonymous said...

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