Honestly, I fear Death. Not because I fear the excruciating pain of departing (imagine a dozen death angels pulling your soul out from you feet to your tonsils) but I believe I have not done anything worth going to heaven for.

Everytime I read the newspaper, news of children and teenagers' death sends me chills. They didn't have the time to contribute to humanity, I would think to myself. Is it because they won't be able to contribute even if they live longer or is the cosmic nature of their deaths are vital for the ultimatum of the future? I believe everyone lives for a reason but dying, dying is the final moment of living. Death is an apprehension of nothingness. Another journey begins but that journey will not be a straight passage with different doors and windows. It will be a neverending roller coaster ride with our life deeds as its supporting structures.

Early death is compensated with hassle-free heaven entrance. Knowing for a fact that my death is imminent and there is nothing anyone can do to postpone it, I live with the fear of nearing its course. Will I be able to carve my name on the pavement of greatness before I die? Will I able to change people's lives before I die? As my Will-I s mounts, my I-Will s sinks.

Greatness, no matter how profound it may be is temporary. It serves as memories and lessons but Greatness in Loving is a different level of Greatness altogether. Greatness in Loving is the only continuous momentum we can ever inflict on generations to come without it halting.

Knowing this, I pledge myself to Give whatever I can offer to anything I stumble upon, may it be advice, lessons, protection or friendship. I don't want to be remembered or idolized. I don't want to be people's pillar of strength. I want to teach people to realize that the only free thing that they can give to anything without having to pay the price is Love. Love is the only force in this world that will never diminish. It snowballs to the end of Life as we know it.

When I die, I do not want my burial site to have any kind of structure or momento. I would like to rot in the ground without no physical reminder on it. I do not want my children or family to ritually moarn my death. I like to believe that they had not lost someone they love. Because loving the departed will not do much good unless we carry on loving. What better way than loving dead love ones than carry on their journey of Love-giving. And carry on loving we shall. Today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives.

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