PAS's Jemaah Ulama'

They are scaring us anglophile malays and non-muslims when they want to impose ban on substance and gambling. Jemaah Ulama' is somewhat an elder-like organization with unfazed conservative values. As a muslim, I welcome their involvement in Malaysia's gorvernance but as a person who is aware of my surrounding, I think they are not a very smart bunch of people. Like any human being who are accountable for their actions, they deserved to be called stupid. Their holier-then-thou persona will regress non-muslims' attitude towards Islam.
You don't storm in into a village that eats pork as a custom and shout out loud "Babi itu Haram!!! Siapa makan masuk Neraka!!!" Of course lah the tabligh kena bunuh dipanah.
Rasulullah SAW himself abolished wine drinking gradually. He first made it haram to drink wine during Solat and made it haram in certain events until everyone understood why wine drinking is harmful. After this realization did he officially made wine drinking haram.
But we do need ulama's to make sure the nation's Islamic principles are steered to the right direction so I propose that they become consultants to leaders. Ulama's should be proactive in giving advice to leaders so leaders could strategize and implement the principles gradually. If we give full authority to the ulama's, our regression is imminent and soon, we will become Afghanistan.
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I believe that there should be no separation between Ulama' and Non-Ulama'. Education is the property of all mankind. It is the governments fault that the knowledge of Islam is laid in the hands of a few. The IIUM education model must start at the home, taska, tadika, sekolah rendah, sekolah menengah, college etc..

What is Hishamuddin waiting for? the model is proven.. (or is it?)

Afiq Deen said...

I second your thoughts.

I don't believe that ulamas should get full authority of the governance of our country (if PR get to become the ruling coalition soon)

They should be the pillar of Islamic education instead. Everything starts with education and with integration of Islamic principles and understanding in education, our future generation will be more wholesome, responsible and holistic in every course of their lives.

lifeinside said...

ulamaks ARE the royal's adviser, that is their supposed role since they're not umara. ulama and umara doesn't mix. the problem starts when they think they're good enough to govern.