Kami the Movie

It's a good movie for teenagers who can think for themselves. For budding teens with a heap of insecurities, this movie will do more bad than good.

It's a simple indie movie with indirectly direct messages, for teenagers lah. I can't deny that the movie brims with a culture I'm not at ease with. Call me conservative or whatever but the way I see it, teenagers need to hang out with their cousins and siblings more often. They will somehow get stuck with their friends for the rest of their lives anyway so why compromise the time we have with our family?

Personally, I won't bring my brothers to watch this movie. As overprotective as this may sound, they are still below the legal age and as far as I'm concern, no under-18 brother of mine will get inspired by the indie scene. It's not a healthy scene. It's not even Islamic. We are muslims, no?

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