That's how a japanese people pronounce hot blood. Hottabloodo. I'm already 21, my body does not pump excessive blood into my penis anymore. What it does is it leaves a gap, a sense of emptiness that was once preoccupied by infinite sexual curiosity. There are different ways of filling this gap, the most common methods being: intoxication, sex, complicated relationships, clubbing, mind-numbing socializing and the ultimate self-galvanizing abstinence from everything I mentioned.
Surrounded by friends who practices Islam fully, they taught me the rationale of Everything Evil and how commiting Worldly Evil will make me lose my conscience. Their reminders and my understanding of my religion made making mistakes a wishful burdon, an unnecessary passage of learning
I'm thankful. Forever .
But my heart turns its green head towards opportunities to indulge in experiences thrown about this mud slide you call Kuala Lumpur: its Night Life.
So what I do is I compensate. Once in a blue moon I will shut all the windows, crank up my stereos, switch off the lights, switch on my rotating mobile disco ball (the type that emits colourful beams), play a trance tune and lose control. Losing control by getting high on Life is far more satisfying than getting intoxicated because the intricacy of control manipulates itself and becomes an all-knowing selfless infactuation. I call this experience Hottabloodo. Its scientific term is Endorphin supplication. Losing control of one's body will cause the brain to be supplied with natural Xanax we call Endorphin. Endorphin makes people happy for no definite reason.

Take me for a Ride

Indefinite happiness is unexplainable. So why bother.


-one- said...

hehe... i have a friend who does this also! He works on an oil tanker > hence the isolation ;-)

Talking about abstinence, puasa is coming up!...wuhooo roasted ayam golek here i come! ;-P

errr, would start worrying about that penis if its true tho.

alrite, have to get back to another busy day unfortunately.



We have happy hormones (can't remember), painkiller hormones (endorphines), horny hormones (testosterone), fear-dog-jump-5-feet-drain hormones (Adrenalin) etc...

While hormones are auto-release (actually by our sub-concious) we can in fact release these hormones on command (by commanding your subconcious).

This was taught to me when I was crewing for Unleash the Power Within Seminar by Anthony Robbins in KL. I was have back-pain because of all the running around the Bukit Jalil Complex during the seminar.

Put your back against a Tree or Building. Tell the building this "Mr Tree I have a pain in my back. You are big and strong, please hold my pain for me..."

What happens is our sub-concious will hear it and you will feel a rush of hormones (much like an adrenalin rush) and your Pain will go away.

The moral- your subconcious hears only when your tell it loudly. Because it is separate from you. If you think it in your head the subconcious cannot hear.

Writing helps as well. Some people think this is why talking to a shrink or to a hairdresser (take your pick) is therapeutic. (Or maybe writing a blog... hehe).

Some psychologist believe this is why talking or taking sugar-pills/ placeboes or bomoh's work.

Why am I darfting my blog on your comment roll?... haih!

Afiq Deen said...

Hey Ridhuan! Isolations sucks. Isolation from 'worldly evil/kejahatan dunia'.

Thank you for the motivation tip chewan! I think I will try the tree/building hugging technique, though I think talking to God has similar effect.

But I'll try it nonetheless.

myadlan said...

once my japanese friend called my name
hehe. japanese cannot pronounce 'qalqalah' over there.

btw nicely collage. eventhough the picture was intentionally blurry

oh. i'm the mr. multimedia? thanx eh

p/s-unlikely to have multimedia/video project for the past 1 year..

Afiq Deen said...

My name would be pronounced A Fee-kun. I took the pictures while spinning around in my room. So yeah, it was intentional. Imagine if it's not blurry, gay giler!

nadira said...

Hottabloodo. hahaha. i love this concept! :D

finding someone who can mention blood rushing to his penis in the same article where he mentions god-consciousness and steering away from 'world evil' is truly cool (go UIA?)

hahaha..i think my heart has a 'green head' as well.. wut ev.

living in KL. theres a delicate balance that needs to be mantained between religion n life, so YEAY to "Hottabloodo" moments.


hehehe.. still can't get over my amusement.

p/s- i have no idea who u are, was just 'blog surfing'. hope u dont mind.

p/p/s- i was all set to be 'Anonymous' till i saw your warning. ah well..

myadlan said...

yeah.. u mentioned about not being anonymouses..but u haven't delete the comment..

btw the important is how ur visitor respond to ur writing.. u should not bother knowing them.

but I'm sick of ppl labeling UIA students as so called totally Islamic and Ustaz/ah stuff. there's much more unIslamic about UIA. but just gonna keep it low. :)

Jeff Turner said...

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