Bila Afiq Deen Bosan...

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm not exactly loaded. You don't see me camwhoring at expensive restaurants, blogging about branded shoes or enjoying a night out with cool-looking friends at Zouk. I spend most of my free time strolling around Kuala Lumpur, reading Star newspaper at Deen Restaurants or taking my friends out to Melawati to eat its famous Nasi Ayam.
My bapak gives me RM100 a week and even though I persuaded him that because he gave me a car, he should also throw in monthly fuel subsidies. But he didn't. So I have to work to have enough money to both eat and lead a normal student life.

I make cards, design miscellaneous things for miscellaneous types of clients, blog (I generate quite an income my blogging), design book covers and other things that needs sufficient creativity and innovation. Most of my free time are spent working so I seldom get bored. Except this week.

God! This week is a boredom fest! I bet you can tell too, given the sudden burst of self-made pictures in this week's entries.

Yesterday I got so bored, I got crafty. I found a FollowMe hair cream container outside my room, emptied it, cleaned it and turned it into a cute plastic flower case (with a golden butterfly). I later sold if for 15 ringgit. I also recycled some of my greeting cards and made pink (perfect for Puteri Umno) raya cards. I got so into crafting I had my batu sungai a sex change!
My cats got confused with my excessive presence in their room (my room is officially theirs) they will try and get me to get out. Shasha would wake me up if I nap and run towards the door and meow loudly. Kucing ini cuba halau tuannya. Dunia memang nak dekat Kiamat. During this time of self-inflicting boredom, I got to know more about Shasha's two kittens.

Po, son of Shasha is a very active kitten. If he's not running around chasing after insects or cobwebs, he'll be exploring every inch of my room. He's very close to Megat (a roommate) so if Megat is around, he'll calm down and cuddle beside Megat.
Je is a weirdo. She has a habit of taking away underwears (brief) ,carry them to her favourite spot and play with them like they were her siblings. So whenever I got back from class, there will always be a mount of underwear at her favourite spot. She likes to sleep in drawers where we usually keep our underwears. One of them is up for adoption so if you're interested, message or call me
Today I edited normal personal pictures and made them look cool. I edited Haikal's picture in Langkawi and made it look cool. Cool.


My service is really affordable and cheap since I'm still studying. I can make greeting cards, name cards, any kind of cards lah, personalized stickers, paintings, crafts etc. I can also edit personal pictures and make cool hand made albums to keep the pictures. Oh ya, lupa nak bagitau, I don't make one or several stuff. I prefer mass production. Cheaper for you, profitable for me.


myadlan said...

yo bro. gudluck with ur business
hope the sales going good this month!

anotherarchistudent said...

bole pos pg new zealand x?ahaks

Danny said...

gewd dat u try to find way to earn x-tra income

but, i like your cats man! i like your cats! ":D

shockresistant7 said...

oooh me and my sis + her friend were thinking of starting a card making business, since we do that for our family/friends anyways. haven't actually gotten around to it...yet