Afiq the Seer

See, my readings are accurate. Here's a testimony.

Dia siap scan lagi and explain sedikit sebanyak. She's Jannah's size 4 sister, Najah. The best thing about reading other people's handwriting is I can know whether or not the writer's single.

Najah is single. She's cute and apparently has small feet. But as much as I want to officially stalk her (like I did to Haikal) I'm too preoccupied with:

Together We Share, Together We Meet: A Schizophrenic Journey.


Scarred Soul said...

The thing when you read my handwriting was... It says, I'm in love.

But honestly...

I'm single and I have no idea who I am in love with, haha!

But I'm more concern on my stress level though... The palm goes to the very tip of the 'stress-o-meter'.

afiq said...

well, I'm no sage.

In love to maksudnye ready for love bukan in love with someone. Or matured enough to get married. It's a more islamic point of view of love.

Scarred Soul said...

Haha... well said.