It's June today. I'm rather surprised that I'm actually counting down the days


It's June today. I'm rather surprised that I'm actually worried that I'll be 21 soon.
Life offers journeys not destinations.
When I read Aida's life recap, I was inspired to write my own but I simply could not. It is not the pain that shrouds it but the resentment of myself. I've many regrets, regrets that had now become lifelong lessons. All I can say is my life is a blessing simply because my journey is not over yet. I might die tomorrow afternoon or tonight but for this moment, the contentment of living is just so great, greater than grilled cheese. Or Kyros Kebab fries. So no, I won't complain.
Just a few days ago I questioned my destiny and how I will turn out one day. Today I realize that what I will turn out someday is nothing more than an insult for not living my destiny today. Today is my destiny just like tomorrow will be my tomorrow's destiny. I can stretch a plan spanning a few months and still not learn anything, only to learn an invaluable lesson in a single second after the failed plan. I wish god allows me to learn every single second. I want to learn every single second. I need to learn every single second.
This is not a revelation, nothing of that sort but a temporary high of smoking a cheap 7 ringgit cigarette I bought at 7 Eleven.
I'm getting even more boring by the day, calmer and a tad saner. It is not that I'm a boring person but seeking excitement does not make sense anymore. Because like any other kind of seeking, I will eventually find nothing but the journey that presented itself during the seeking period. So why have it spanned for a set time. I just don't see the reason to be not pumped up for something just because it is not exciting. Everything is exciting. So why get excited? I can just seek excitement everyday until the day I die and when I do, only then can I recap my life.
So be it. When I die, I want a laptop with internet connection in my coffin.

Soon Soon Soon...

It'll be my birthday soon. 19th of June. My 21st birthday. I'll be 21. Twenty one. Twain Tee Wand. Duapuluhsatu. Okay, as for my 21st birthday present I want:
1. 2 slacks
2. 2 shirts
3. 1 black shoe
4. 1 belt
Because surprisingly I have none of those.
And I've already prepared a wishlist for myself. I want:
1. To be a skilled designer, successful entrepeneur, hopeful writer and a video music director.
Yes I want to head a creative company.
I also want:
1. To have more patience in me.
2. To forgive everyone before I end my day everyday.
3. To Pray frequently..
4. To memorize and understand the Quran.
I should've prioritize the Quran and Praying and all the rest will follow through though. Well, ini salah satu kesan Islam Hadhari.
Unc. Bal's wedding's tomorrow. I'll be next in line.
f's for fish kids. And fudge and frolic and fun.
Afiq is always the last to sleep and the first to wake up on weekdays which

The Perfect Burger Formula

McDonald's organized a video competition to promote it's Big Mac. Unfortunately for me though, I'd only known about the competition 2 days ago. But... I managed to make a last minute video.

Basically it's a sketch of a typical Afiq trying to leave his mark in this world by inventing the Perfect Burger formula. Like most of my amatuer sketches, I used subtitles to convey the story than actual lines. I'm not sure why I like to use subtitles. Maybe because it'll distract people from watching the actual video... Heheh.

My little brother Hadi acted in it too.

I'm pretty sure that this video is slightly diverting from the original context given by the organizers but what the heck, I had fun making it!


I've nothing spectacular to report these days. Everything new and supernew somehow became superfrequent resulting a supercalifragilisticexpialladocious. Yes we Disney kids will never forget to add a spoonful to make the medicine go down, in a most delightful way.
I've many movies to catch up but with so little money worth dispensing for 'external' entertainment. Money and time. Money and time. One without the other will make this world obliterate, literally. But you know what's timeless though, Disney songs.
I am still a big fan of Disney songs. People tell me I have PeterPan syndrome but I politely desist the notion. Disney songs makes me appreciate myself and constantly remind me that I exist to reach bigger goals. They make me believe in the impossible, appreciate friends and family and most importantly it gives me the courage to step out of my comfort zone.
And I don't see why Peter Pan syndrome is a bad thing. We need child-like enthusiasm. We need child-like imagination. We need child-like conscience. We need to be reminded of how we are made for greater things. We need to be reminded of how we began our life, how love is the most vital necessity in our lives.
Yeah man. I'm an out and about Disney man!

Almost 21

This morning when I ate nasi lemak at a nearby stall, an argument took place between Tok Nda and a random pakcik who spewed now and then about the unjust and corrupt UMNO. Apparently his shop will be shut down in three days, another victim of federal government's revenge. Since....

I know you guys are teenagers or teenagers at heart so I'll do you a favour and blog like a one.


Have you heard? MU won. Wooohooo! Not that I'm a fan or nothing but I can't shrug off the fact that most MU fans in Malaysia can be considered fanatics. They have no Manchester bloodline nor any affiliation but still, their commitment...

There I go again....

Okay okay.... I am a 20 year old student.... I WILL like football, watch music videos, attend gigs and write about them.


Ah forget it, tak boleh! Musa Hitam and Dr. M's fued reincarnation is too enticing to be ignored. Or the fact that Ekram is rumoured to be leaving PKR and rejoining UMNO. Isn't that party-hopping? But still Nazri is happy about it. He wasn't when...

I'll just stop aite? (and compensate with pictures.)

Here's a picture of Christiano Ronaldoo. Kids, look away.

That's Ronaldoo and his booty call.

I'm still not gay. (just in case you're wondering)

I mispelled his name on purpose. Because it sounds cooler with an -oo. It ryhmes with spitoon.

I'll end this confusing entry with a pictorial update on Shasha:

She's pregnant like a... like a pregnant cat and a bit camera shy.

So Many Things, So Little Time

Have you heard?
Everyone heard it already lah. Mahathir resigned leaving Nik Aziz a happy man, Anwar Ibrahim silenced and everyone else dazed. Yes, he is the man. King Lear of Malaysia but with a twist. He leaves the stage only to return, alive and influential or dead and raging. Either way he'll return to his platform with so little justifications, may it be about him leaving or returning. His motives are clear but mysterious, direct by spiralling. Everyone appaled by his sudden retreat are his audience and everyone unpertubed by it are his enemies. Everyone else in between are critics, storytellers of the past and reviewers of the future.
On a lighter note, I attended IIUM's silver jubilee celebration because PakLah was present. Apparently he is amazingly gifted in influencing movement, and that movement would be the upward tilting of the head followed by a quiet rythmic snoring. Yes he is one very gifted Jigglypuff.
After several hours of driving back and forth to my employer's home to finish up a book cover design, I returned to my room with a Hope. Hopefully, no one will call me up or come to my room. I needed my sleep. Qoyyum, a guy who used to live in my room came to check up on his things he left. He accused that somebody had been messing with his things. His accusation wasn't the sort of welcome I was expecting from a person who destroyed the realization of a dear Hope. He came into my room and we talked. Just when I was about to finish up with the design, he suddenly blurted.
"Susah tak design ni?"
"Hmmm... Susah jugak." I answered.
"Tulah orang melayu! Sama je... Kedekut ilmu." He sneered.
"Dah ko tanya aku susah ke tak, memang la susah kalau senang ko pun boleh buat. Apa kene mengena dengan kedekut ilmu?"
"Ko mesti tak nak ajar aku kan?"
"Tak. Aku taknak ajar sebab ko telah buat kesilapan pertama kepada bakal cikgu, kekurangajaran yang tak cukup asam mahupun garam."
Laugh yourself to do the brink of loserhood will you?

Alamak, Ulama'!

We created man from an extract of clay. Then We made him as a drop in a place of settlement, firmly fixed. Then We made the drop into an alaqah (leech, suspended thing, and blood clot), then We made the alaqah into a mudghah (chewed substance)
What will you think of the sentence above if I tell you that it comes from the Quran? If you ask me, I would think that we are literally made out clay used to make pots and that clay material sprang into life when it came in contact with a drop of blood.
Who would've known that the sentence is actually describing the embryonic process of an infant, a very complex and scientific process.
Have not those who disbelieved known that the heavens and the earth were one connected entity, then We separated them?...
To this day I can still imagine a hanging land of the heavens taking flight, leaving our world when my ustaz told the story of how the heavens and earth were once connected. Who would've known that it is actually the big bang theory.
He has set free the two seas meeting together. There is a barrier between them. They do not transgress
You would think that there is a magic barrier that keeps the meeting of sea water but no, it's the different intensity of its compositions that keeps it seperate
So what have we learnt today? Quran is not a book of myths and legends. It is in fact a textbook of the galazy's divine wonders and the beckoning of nature. Some of the miracles unexplained then can be explained today. Miracles aren't magical after all. It is interesting how we are taught by ustazs of our time of the mythical stories in the Quran. If people who educates children about Islam emphasize the scientific findings from the Quran and encourage the discovery of knowledge in diverse fields to unlock the secrets of the Quran, we wouldn't have paedophile afghans, naive iranians and holier-than-thou malaysians would we?
For that reason alone, I despise the existence of today's Ulama's. They know nothing but the scripture of Gods and its ancient interpretations. They sometimes do preach about the scientific evidence of the Quran but did they discovered them? Nope, the none muslims did. They unrelentlessly preach about the myths and magic of the world and how we are to scower in hell if we question Islam in any way. This indirectly forbids us to question anything about Islam at all including the true context of the Quran because if we do, we'll fall in the deep pits of hell?
So how are we to advance ourselves in every field is the treasure box is constantly locked by the so called protectors of Islam, the ulama's and their rhetorics that encourage complacency in discovering possibilities that will benefit mankind, muslims or not.

Desperate Politician

Halliburton is investing in Malaysia? What a load of bollocks! Halliburton personifies merchants of death, quite literally and our government is allowing them to invest in Malaysia?

"If they bring in investment and create jobs, I don’t see any ethical questions on that. I am not too sure which yardstick you are using... DATUK IKMAL HIJAZ HASHIM"

Educate yourself about Halliburton and you'll know how frustrated I am about the company's infiltration into Malaysia.

So desperate issit Paklah?

I present to you:

Yes Big Monkey gets Eva's slot.

You Better Believe It!

I'm working not because I want to buy new rims. I'm working so I'll have enough money to open and operate more businesses because no one in their right mind will trust a 20 year old undergraduate to borrow more than a thousand ringgit.
They'll be like: One thousand? What the hell for?
I need some cash rolling in so I can support my family. We are expecting twins.
Really ah?
Yeah, and since we have no space to keep both of them, I'll probably ask my grandma to take care of one.
Waaah, so sad one! Ok lah you take la this 1000 ringgit no need to repay me. I give you free of charge.
Really ah? Are you pulling me leg?
*looked at both our legs* (with a british accent) Apparently not.
Ok lor. Thank you ah mister.
Welcome welcome.... so you have names already for them?
Yep.. I'll call them Aslan and Kiara.
Haiyo, no ong lidat wo. Why names very aneh one?
The mom is orange so our offsprings will probably be orange too. You know la both Aslan and Kiara are orange in colour.
Kiara? You mean Mount Kiara? It's orange meh?
No, as in Kiara... Simba's daughter. You know... Simba from the cartoon the lion king...
??????? HUH ???????? You want to name your babies after cartoons' names?!
Who said anything about babies. I'll name my kittens Kiara and Simba lah~
*GEDEBUSH* - kene tumbuk sound effect.
Shasha is pregnant!

MLM- Melayu Love Money

We celebrated Tok's 71th Birthday at TGI Friday on Tuesday. I ate parmesan chicken and mac n cheese while everybody ordered smothered steak. I secretly wanted the steak but was doubtful on whether or not the steak is you know, halal.
On our way back to tok's house, uncle Bal got all pumped up about a new MLM he joined for a month. He was making more than 10 thousand a month and was enthusiastic about his future in the MLM company. He'd already envisioned a BMW 5 series and every other perks that will come crashing as his MLM pyramid gets wider enrolment.
"Cube bayangkan Afiq, boleh pegi Hartamas beli LV, Gucci, Zara. Tengok jek tali pinggang Gucci seribu lima, I'll take it."
Uncle Bal's infectious enthusiasm infected Arine, my cousin as he listened to Uncle Bal's testimonies of how he'd met students well on their twenties driving BMWs and Mercedes. Arine's stuttering got worst and in the midst of their heated optimism, I began to think. "Ok jugak sebulan sepuluh ribu buat dekkkkk je."
But then again, it's a MLM. Naturally, I have to 'convert' 6 potential friends to start my very own pyramid and once the pyramid is structured, the management fiesta will begin, all for the persuit of miraculous cash in the bank. For people who are oblivious to the MLM culture, people who joined MLMs in the preliminary stage must basically exude confidence and wealth so more people will join in and sell a new product. So the earlier you join, the more money you'll get because the entrance fees that sustains the MLM will be distributed systematically in accordance to the pyramid scheme.
All is well eh? Well we malays and our insatiable longing to get rich by doing close to nothing... Well maybe not nothing la. But I'm old enough to know that MONEY is an everchanging value of wealth and in several occasion, useless.
Cars, clothes and expensive branded things are liabilities simply because their value fades like the passing of time.
Land can either be an asset or a liability.
The only type of wealth that is sustainable is KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge not only generate wealth but occupies our thoughts with the beauty of its intricacies. The beauty of knowledge is the manifestation of skills and talent, a killer combination that demands not only the attention of the world but wealth quarried by it.
Chinese businessmen for example monopolized trades that requires technical skills like car repairing, computers, phones etc. They can cheat you all they want because both you and they know that no one else has the expertise to repair your car/com/phone.
Indian businessmen have barbwired connections with trusted suppliers and is equipped with complex know-hows of managing and sustaining their trade. That's why their businesses can last for decades or even centuries.
We seriously have to eliminate the Cepat Kaya trend.
Cepat kaya, cepat jugaklah miskin.


When Nasimudin the NAZA boss died, a friend of mine remarked "Kaya-kaya last-last mati jugak. Tulah kite kene hidup dengan sederhana. "

I begged to differ. I told him. "Tapi dier mati selepas kembangkan empayar ekonomi dier, dier bukannye kaya semata-mata untuk diri dier je. Cuba bayangkan bertapa ramainye orang yang dapat rezeki sebab dier."

Well that's that. Becoming wealthy is still a misconception among Malaysian muslims. Everytime I mention my admiration to business powerhouses, some of my friends will tell me that "kaya di dunia, di akhirat tak tentu lagi." I think it is natural for us to envy people with more money or wealth but it seems that the general dislike of wealthy people in Malaysia always revolve around the public interpretation of the Islamic point of view.

The misinterpretation of moderation is somewhat responsible for the social stigma. Islam's focus on moderation is in my opinion, distorted and misunderstood by us Malaysian muslims. In a nutshell, moderation is misunderstood as mediocrity.

Mediocre: Ordinariness as a consequence of being average and not outstanding

Moderation: Quality of being moderate and avoiding extremes. The trait of avoiding excesses.

Living in moderation means resisting temptation that is extreme in its capacity, which does not reflect muslims understanding of moderation. Mediocrity which fits the term rather well, is being plain or ordinary. Islam does not promote mediocrity. Islam not only promote but impose excellence on all muslims. Moderation is how we live our lives. Moderation can be conceptually utilized in filling the material necessities into our lives in optimal proportion.

In simpler terms, moderation is our ability to avoid excess usage of wealth brought by boastfulness and pride.

YES. Let's hear it again.

Moderation is our ability to avoid excess usage of wealth brought by boastfulness and pride.

How will we able to uphold Islamic principles if we are dirt poor or mediocre? We obviously need to enlighten muslims here about the difference of being moderate and mediocre and should we do so, we should definitely start with the rich and weathy. Only when the powerful few realize the importance of living in moderation will the many others follow in their footsteps without resorting to accepting mediocrity as the solution for moderation.