You Better Believe It!

I'm working not because I want to buy new rims. I'm working so I'll have enough money to open and operate more businesses because no one in their right mind will trust a 20 year old undergraduate to borrow more than a thousand ringgit.
They'll be like: One thousand? What the hell for?
I need some cash rolling in so I can support my family. We are expecting twins.
Really ah?
Yeah, and since we have no space to keep both of them, I'll probably ask my grandma to take care of one.
Waaah, so sad one! Ok lah you take la this 1000 ringgit no need to repay me. I give you free of charge.
Really ah? Are you pulling me leg?
*looked at both our legs* (with a british accent) Apparently not.
Ok lor. Thank you ah mister.
Welcome welcome.... so you have names already for them?
Yep.. I'll call them Aslan and Kiara.
Haiyo, no ong lidat wo. Why names very aneh one?
The mom is orange so our offsprings will probably be orange too. You know la both Aslan and Kiara are orange in colour.
Kiara? You mean Mount Kiara? It's orange meh?
No, as in Kiara... Simba's daughter. You know... Simba from the cartoon the lion king...
??????? HUH ???????? You want to name your babies after cartoons' names?!
Who said anything about babies. I'll name my kittens Kiara and Simba lah~
*GEDEBUSH* - kene tumbuk sound effect.
Shasha is pregnant!


adora said...

*hands a cigar to the new dad*

Anonymous said...

Im HAPPY!!!Cant wait to see the twins!