Soon Soon Soon...

It'll be my birthday soon. 19th of June. My 21st birthday. I'll be 21. Twenty one. Twain Tee Wand. Duapuluhsatu. Okay, as for my 21st birthday present I want:
1. 2 slacks
2. 2 shirts
3. 1 black shoe
4. 1 belt
Because surprisingly I have none of those.
And I've already prepared a wishlist for myself. I want:
1. To be a skilled designer, successful entrepeneur, hopeful writer and a video music director.
Yes I want to head a creative company.
I also want:
1. To have more patience in me.
2. To forgive everyone before I end my day everyday.
3. To Pray frequently..
4. To memorize and understand the Quran.
I should've prioritize the Quran and Praying and all the rest will follow through though. Well, ini salah satu kesan Islam Hadhari.
Unc. Bal's wedding's tomorrow. I'll be next in line.
f's for fish kids. And fudge and frolic and fun.

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