So Many Things, So Little Time

Have you heard?
Everyone heard it already lah. Mahathir resigned leaving Nik Aziz a happy man, Anwar Ibrahim silenced and everyone else dazed. Yes, he is the man. King Lear of Malaysia but with a twist. He leaves the stage only to return, alive and influential or dead and raging. Either way he'll return to his platform with so little justifications, may it be about him leaving or returning. His motives are clear but mysterious, direct by spiralling. Everyone appaled by his sudden retreat are his audience and everyone unpertubed by it are his enemies. Everyone else in between are critics, storytellers of the past and reviewers of the future.
On a lighter note, I attended IIUM's silver jubilee celebration because PakLah was present. Apparently he is amazingly gifted in influencing movement, and that movement would be the upward tilting of the head followed by a quiet rythmic snoring. Yes he is one very gifted Jigglypuff.
After several hours of driving back and forth to my employer's home to finish up a book cover design, I returned to my room with a Hope. Hopefully, no one will call me up or come to my room. I needed my sleep. Qoyyum, a guy who used to live in my room came to check up on his things he left. He accused that somebody had been messing with his things. His accusation wasn't the sort of welcome I was expecting from a person who destroyed the realization of a dear Hope. He came into my room and we talked. Just when I was about to finish up with the design, he suddenly blurted.
"Susah tak design ni?"
"Hmmm... Susah jugak." I answered.
"Tulah orang melayu! Sama je... Kedekut ilmu." He sneered.
"Dah ko tanya aku susah ke tak, memang la susah kalau senang ko pun boleh buat. Apa kene mengena dengan kedekut ilmu?"
"Ko mesti tak nak ajar aku kan?"
"Tak. Aku taknak ajar sebab ko telah buat kesilapan pertama kepada bakal cikgu, kekurangajaran yang tak cukup asam mahupun garam."
Laugh yourself to do the brink of loserhood will you?

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xxeemm said...

aih. I would jawab balik. "Tulah orang melayu.. benda yang senang2 je nak blajar."


Funny how when you refuse to 'spoonfeed' people, they say you are 'kedekut ilmu'. Aih lagi.