I've nothing spectacular to report these days. Everything new and supernew somehow became superfrequent resulting a supercalifragilisticexpialladocious. Yes we Disney kids will never forget to add a spoonful to make the medicine go down, in a most delightful way.
I've many movies to catch up but with so little money worth dispensing for 'external' entertainment. Money and time. Money and time. One without the other will make this world obliterate, literally. But you know what's timeless though, Disney songs.
I am still a big fan of Disney songs. People tell me I have PeterPan syndrome but I politely desist the notion. Disney songs makes me appreciate myself and constantly remind me that I exist to reach bigger goals. They make me believe in the impossible, appreciate friends and family and most importantly it gives me the courage to step out of my comfort zone.
And I don't see why Peter Pan syndrome is a bad thing. We need child-like enthusiasm. We need child-like imagination. We need child-like conscience. We need to be reminded of how we are made for greater things. We need to be reminded of how we began our life, how love is the most vital necessity in our lives.
Yeah man. I'm an out and about Disney man!


adam k. said...

spam ham ...this is koko kaina.i like her originals.i hope you do too.

kaoru said...

Yay im proud to be a disney kid

adora said...

love disney too!i was kinda named after one disney princess;) but yeah wish i cud live in the disney cartoons, and hop in and out of each and everyone of them!haha.

*ponders on what it feels like to live in disneyworld*