When Nasimudin the NAZA boss died, a friend of mine remarked "Kaya-kaya last-last mati jugak. Tulah kite kene hidup dengan sederhana. "

I begged to differ. I told him. "Tapi dier mati selepas kembangkan empayar ekonomi dier, dier bukannye kaya semata-mata untuk diri dier je. Cuba bayangkan bertapa ramainye orang yang dapat rezeki sebab dier."

Well that's that. Becoming wealthy is still a misconception among Malaysian muslims. Everytime I mention my admiration to business powerhouses, some of my friends will tell me that "kaya di dunia, di akhirat tak tentu lagi." I think it is natural for us to envy people with more money or wealth but it seems that the general dislike of wealthy people in Malaysia always revolve around the public interpretation of the Islamic point of view.

The misinterpretation of moderation is somewhat responsible for the social stigma. Islam's focus on moderation is in my opinion, distorted and misunderstood by us Malaysian muslims. In a nutshell, moderation is misunderstood as mediocrity.

Mediocre: Ordinariness as a consequence of being average and not outstanding

Moderation: Quality of being moderate and avoiding extremes. The trait of avoiding excesses.

Living in moderation means resisting temptation that is extreme in its capacity, which does not reflect muslims understanding of moderation. Mediocrity which fits the term rather well, is being plain or ordinary. Islam does not promote mediocrity. Islam not only promote but impose excellence on all muslims. Moderation is how we live our lives. Moderation can be conceptually utilized in filling the material necessities into our lives in optimal proportion.

In simpler terms, moderation is our ability to avoid excess usage of wealth brought by boastfulness and pride.

YES. Let's hear it again.

Moderation is our ability to avoid excess usage of wealth brought by boastfulness and pride.

How will we able to uphold Islamic principles if we are dirt poor or mediocre? We obviously need to enlighten muslims here about the difference of being moderate and mediocre and should we do so, we should definitely start with the rich and weathy. Only when the powerful few realize the importance of living in moderation will the many others follow in their footsteps without resorting to accepting mediocrity as the solution for moderation.



aL said...

Once I told a friend, that I wish my family was richer, because I always believed that being rich was a shortcut to success.

She said, "Eh, jangan cakap camtu, orang kaya tu mungkin kaya harta, tapi diorang tak kaya akhlak.."

Gila hateful pessimisstic biased answer.

And this person, is much older than me, and supposedly a reference to me. Whatever is going to happen to the minds of her children, and her children's children?

OK, probably too much, but still quite true..

idanadirah said...

It is true that Islam does not promote mediocrity. Islam promotes us to be whole in every expect.
But what if you're the type that can't resist temptation? And when you have a lot of money, you begin to misuse it, and success is no longer the reason for you to be rich. What if...? If you can remain rich and remain mediocre in your habits, that's fine. No one has the right to judge whether you cukup akhlak atau tak.
But look around you... how many of the rich ones do you see that does not misuse their wealth? Why dyou think people judge in the first place?
you know the test that people do, put a black dot on a piece of white paper and when asked what do you see majority will say "a black dot". how many of us would say "I see a tiny black dot and the whole white space"? Majority of the people only see the bad and not the good. It's a shame really...
That's why you get such remarks from such people.
Another word reason for it would probably be dengki. Melayu tak senang tgk melayu lain senang.

I'm hoping im not one of them.

afiq said...

Nadira, I will not agree with you simply because I have a choice. Like how I prefer to refer the black dot as a tiny black dot.

The power of believing, even when thrusted upon a single person can change the whole nation, imagine what a handful of people can achieve...

As long as we keep trying to avoid the Melayu Malas stereotype, we will forever be lazy.

The whole world exists because our mind is perceptible to the world not the other way around. So to change the world, we only need to tweak our minds.

idanadirah said...

oooh... you called me nadira. i like, i like.

anyhoo, I'm not rich and famous. So I wouldn't know whether I'd put it to some good use or not (if I was).

We'd all like to think that we have choices and that we have perceptions. But the majority is evident. How many of us lie in the majority and would think alike just because it has been fed to our brain and that we're too lazy to think? And how many of us would rather be the minority and think for themselves?

Actually, I dont know where I'm getting to or where I started because this is human characteristic we're talking about. It's all about 'whats ifs' and probability. Changing the world by tweaking out minds is not as easy as it sounds.

Rumour has it, they're planning to change the Math and Science subjects in schools back in malay language. If a change in language is difficult to achieve, what about change in perception?

lubna said...

On Allahyarham Nasimudin, my dad met him once by chance and described him as very humble and simple. Wealth was not a problem.

Oh hey, and here's something. Muslims have the highest rate of poverty and illiteracy. If everyone were to be content with mediocrity, then who's going to help them? We can't afford to be mediocre.

I think the message to people of this mentality is if you want to be rich, then by all means go ahead. But set your niyyah right, and everything else will follow.

zewt said...

moderation is always good. indeed, moderation is not being mediocre... something not only muslims, but all should be aware of.

Anonymous said...

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