Almost 21

This morning when I ate nasi lemak at a nearby stall, an argument took place between Tok Nda and a random pakcik who spewed now and then about the unjust and corrupt UMNO. Apparently his shop will be shut down in three days, another victim of federal government's revenge. Since....

I know you guys are teenagers or teenagers at heart so I'll do you a favour and blog like a one.


Have you heard? MU won. Wooohooo! Not that I'm a fan or nothing but I can't shrug off the fact that most MU fans in Malaysia can be considered fanatics. They have no Manchester bloodline nor any affiliation but still, their commitment...

There I go again....

Okay okay.... I am a 20 year old student.... I WILL like football, watch music videos, attend gigs and write about them.


Ah forget it, tak boleh! Musa Hitam and Dr. M's fued reincarnation is too enticing to be ignored. Or the fact that Ekram is rumoured to be leaving PKR and rejoining UMNO. Isn't that party-hopping? But still Nazri is happy about it. He wasn't when...

I'll just stop aite? (and compensate with pictures.)

Here's a picture of Christiano Ronaldoo. Kids, look away.

That's Ronaldoo and his booty call.

I'm still not gay. (just in case you're wondering)

I mispelled his name on purpose. Because it sounds cooler with an -oo. It ryhmes with spitoon.

I'll end this confusing entry with a pictorial update on Shasha:

She's pregnant like a... like a pregnant cat and a bit camera shy.

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shiza said...

ezam leaved PKR before the pru12, mind u.