Desperate Politician

Halliburton is investing in Malaysia? What a load of bollocks! Halliburton personifies merchants of death, quite literally and our government is allowing them to invest in Malaysia?

"If they bring in investment and create jobs, I don’t see any ethical questions on that. I am not too sure which yardstick you are using... DATUK IKMAL HIJAZ HASHIM"

Educate yourself about Halliburton and you'll know how frustrated I am about the company's infiltration into Malaysia.

So desperate issit Paklah?

I present to you:

Yes Big Monkey gets Eva's slot.

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lubna said...

Ah yes, Halliburton.

I have been ashamed of my Government before, but none has ever disgusted me as when I heard about Halliburton. I couldn't even write about it, my hands shook so.

Dr. M may have his faults, but Halliburton wouldn't have seen the light of day in Msia if he was the leader.

"I don't see any ethical questions on that..."
Genius statement. Epic fail.