It's June today. I'm rather surprised that I'm actually worried that I'll be 21 soon.
Life offers journeys not destinations.
When I read Aida's life recap, I was inspired to write my own but I simply could not. It is not the pain that shrouds it but the resentment of myself. I've many regrets, regrets that had now become lifelong lessons. All I can say is my life is a blessing simply because my journey is not over yet. I might die tomorrow afternoon or tonight but for this moment, the contentment of living is just so great, greater than grilled cheese. Or Kyros Kebab fries. So no, I won't complain.
Just a few days ago I questioned my destiny and how I will turn out one day. Today I realize that what I will turn out someday is nothing more than an insult for not living my destiny today. Today is my destiny just like tomorrow will be my tomorrow's destiny. I can stretch a plan spanning a few months and still not learn anything, only to learn an invaluable lesson in a single second after the failed plan. I wish god allows me to learn every single second. I want to learn every single second. I need to learn every single second.
This is not a revelation, nothing of that sort but a temporary high of smoking a cheap 7 ringgit cigarette I bought at 7 Eleven.
I'm getting even more boring by the day, calmer and a tad saner. It is not that I'm a boring person but seeking excitement does not make sense anymore. Because like any other kind of seeking, I will eventually find nothing but the journey that presented itself during the seeking period. So why have it spanned for a set time. I just don't see the reason to be not pumped up for something just because it is not exciting. Everything is exciting. So why get excited? I can just seek excitement everyday until the day I die and when I do, only then can I recap my life.
So be it. When I die, I want a laptop with internet connection in my coffin.


NaTcH said...

a laptop and internet connection in your coffin...??

Miss Aida said...

Regret are merely life lessons.

Life is contradictory in that sense. Sometimes you have to take the small things, and other times, you have to take to take the big picture into consideration.

You only do the best you can.

Anonymous said...

Das glaubst du ja selbst nicht