The Perfect Burger Formula

McDonald's organized a video competition to promote it's Big Mac. Unfortunately for me though, I'd only known about the competition 2 days ago. But... I managed to make a last minute video.

Basically it's a sketch of a typical Afiq trying to leave his mark in this world by inventing the Perfect Burger formula. Like most of my amatuer sketches, I used subtitles to convey the story than actual lines. I'm not sure why I like to use subtitles. Maybe because it'll distract people from watching the actual video... Heheh.

My little brother Hadi acted in it too.

I'm pretty sure that this video is slightly diverting from the original context given by the organizers but what the heck, I had fun making it!


lifeinside said...

u are talented man. keep it up. but the video has a scary soundtrack for sumthin tat ure goin to eat, u see.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... it's really not McD is all about. The vid's too artistic, ambitious and has a fast paced ending which makes the whole message confusing.

BUT... I know you had an idea and went for it. Dat's good. And you are a talented moviemaker for a person who studies architecture. I'd known many ppl who studied film for years and couldnt manage to produce a video like this...(in two days lagi!)

Make mistakes afiq, it's okay. Don't please anyone, just please urself!

-andrea c- : )