This video only took 1 hour to make! It is by far the easiest video I've made so far. It took me 15 minutes to shoot and another 45 minutes to edit.

I'm going to make an AFIQSAYS VIDEO tomorrow. It will be a forum discussing about Merdeka and 1Malaysia.

In Between Work

In between work, I want to capture the relentless misery of The Sad Looking Bangladeshi Girl. I want to have fun. I want to be real. I want to eat. I want to drink. I cannot. Puasa.

In between work, I attended Hitchcock's lecture. I listened to an excited Quentin Tarantino. I watched Martin Scorsese's twinkling eyes. I want to make a zombie film. Everyone tells me not to. Peduli.
In between work, I loathe how pathetic I am right now. Yeah, now. Writing intriguing nonsensical vagueness that implies an illusionary mystery of Afiq Deen. When in fact I am not that hard to figure out.

In between work.

Burn The Quran Day

No peeps, the Burn the Quran Day was not spearheaded by the Jews. The day was created by a Christian pastor of the Florida Church.

Watch the CNN conversation between the pastor and CNN's Rick:

I don't know what you should do in reaction to this 'Burn the Quran' Day. But I know what you shouldn't do.

1. You shouldn't burn bibles.
2. You shouldn't burn the American/Florida flag.
3. You shouldn't burn fireworks (read the news today)

I think the pastor is being incredibly short-sighted and stupid. He also looks stupid. Let's make our own day: Burn That Pastor's Tie Day. That tie is an abomination. It belongs in fashion hell. It belongs in Shah Alam.

I don't really care if they burn all the Quran in the world because we have millions of Hafizs. We can just keep reproducing the Quran the same way the Prophet's sahabah produced the copy we know today. So no, I'm not angry. I just think that the pastor and his tie is stupid.

Pantun Puasa Revisited

Remember this Pantun Puasa? I wrote it last year and it was copied (tanpa segan silu) in blogs and facebook notes by readers. I can't come up with this year's pantun puasa because I like the old one too much!

Elok-elok orang tengok iklan,
Tiba-tiba ada orang tua duduk manja,
Ingatkan Bapa Kepenatan,
Rupanya penyimpan mohor diraja.

Kamera zoom dekat muka dia,
Dengan konfiden Tan Sri bersuara,
Satu rumah senyap seketika,
Sebelum satu dunia huru hara.

Jangan sekali berputus asa,
Semangat berapi jangan dipadam,
Esok dah nak mula puasa,
Hari ini kenalah balas dendam.

Niat puasa kenalah sah,
Jangan ada puasa lepas yang tak bayar,
Selalu nak suruh mandi punyalah susah,
Tapi hari pertama macam amfibia.

Makan sahur pagi-pagi,
Sebelum imsak dah celik,
Petang-petang gosok gigi,
Kumur air tak ludah balik.

Hari kedua dah okay sikit,
Tengah hari masih segar,
Petang ada la sikit sakit,
Nak dekat maghrib terketar-ketar.

Bulan Ramadhan bulan mulia,
Amalan bersabar haruslah dipupuk,
Orang dewasa hendaklah mengajar belia,
Bukan bergaduh nak bubur lambuk.

Remaja lelaki memang gatal,
Batal puasa atas sebab lain,
Iman dan taqwa haruslah kental,
Takpun potong je streamyx line.

Pertengahan bulan puasa memang perit,
Tapi rukun ketiga harus diakur,
Budak perempuan paling hipokrit,
Bila kantoi je alasan universal: uzur.

Mr. Zoran tidak puas hati,
Sebab pantun tidak punyai ragam,
Penulis menjawab dengan suka hati,
Orang yang tak puasa takkan faham.

Pendidikan Seks dan Cara Memakai Condom

Today's video is about sex education and how to minimize (or prevent) Kes Buang Bayi.

The video is 90% malay because my target audience are malay muslims.

Watch, enjoy and share the video to your friends so they are more aware about safe sex.

Afiqsays The Video

I will be making weekly video entries to be featured on my blog! But,

1. What day should I publish the weekly videos?
2. What should be the primary content of the afiqsays videos?

This up here in an introduction video. I'm not a very good youtuber (like how I tend to mumble) but I'll probably get better lah, don't worry.

So people people, what should I rant about in my next (and also officially first) video?

Afiqsays Video Log (vlog)

I want to start producing vlogs that will be featured on this blog. I need something to rant about. Write down your suggestions on the comment.

Extras Needed on Saturday and Sunday at Shah Alam

Click the image below to enlarge.

Contact ( or sms) Kabir Kasri at 013 3202951 to register instantly.


I went back to Alor Setar for a quick R&R before Ramadhan. Bapak told me that he wants to go to Sydney in a vague conversation that I almost didn't remember. The gist of the conversation came back to me when a friend told me about an online video competition I should check out. Excellente! I thought to myself: maybe I can win two international tickets for my parents!

A week later I assembled my cousins to visit Bapak's house to feast upon Bapak's infamous Maggie goreng. Little that they know that I had an ulterior motive in mind. So after dinner, dengan camera yang dah standby, I asked them to act in a video as if they were told about this project before. Unethical but ngahngahngah!

So with zero budget and half an hour of shooting, I produced this very short video for AirAsia.

Some people didn't get the video's message. Well I think it's pretty clear but then again, what is crystal to me may be beach-washed glass to others.

What do you think? Do you get the message?

Extras Needed for Sakti's Music Video

I need extras for a music video I'm working on for the band Sakti. It's a cool stop motion video that will be all over the internet, television etc. I only need 2 hours of your time to make this project a success.


Date: 14th and 15th of August, Saturday and Sunday

Location: Shah Alam (specific location to be determined later)

Time: 8am to 5pm (extras will only act for approximately 2 hours throughout shooting time)

1. Come in groups. One scene requires 10-20 people. It'll be a great experience for you and your friends to act in a scene together.

2. For muslim extras, a set of food and beverages will be given for buka puasa in the evening. Bubur lambuk!

3. A DVD of the music video will be given to all extras upon completion.

So come, join in the fun if you're free on the 14th and 15th of August (weekend). It'll be an experience you'll never forget.

: D

Can I Have a Crush On A Name?

Apparently I'm falling for a person I've never even met. I know her name. I've memorized her face but I've never seen her. Maybe I'm delirious for falling for an image of a person and not the real person. What if the real person does not fit her image, and the problem is: I don't care.

I think it's time to take chances (this is a song) and try to defy gravity (this is another song). If I feel zero gravity (another song) when I'm with her, I will know for sure she is the one (I think this a song)

Shooting the Band

I shot Sakti's part in their first single's music video last yesterday. I had FUN. One of the bandmate's friend came to visit the studio we used for the shooting and told me I was too happy when working. "Too happy?" I asked. "You know, you were like.. overexcited."

I was overexcited. This is my first music video. Not only am I overexcited, I am also anxious, worried and easily disgruntled.

And yes, we need extras to act as human props for the story part of the music video. The location will be at Shah Alam on the:

7th and 8th


14th and 15th

of August.

To anyone whose interested, gimme an SMS to 0162899681 saying that you're interested and my producer will get in touch with you.

Just so you know, we need a LOT of extras so bring your friends and family and spend just 2 hours with us. In return, you will be given DVDs of the music video you're in. Fun eh?

We are also still looking for the female lead actress for the video. So if you're interested, send me a picture of yourself and we'll go from there.

So what are you waiting for, be a part of this super cool music video! :D

MTV Worldstage 2010

I can vividly remember last year's MTV World Stage experience. I had a mosh pit ticket and it was the most entertaining hell on earth. The hellish part was the involuntary grinding, exposure to the schizophrenic weather and the worst part of all, the hours and hours of waiting. But, the showmanship of the musicians was inversely proportionate to the conditions of the concert. Oh how can I even complain about the conditions when I've experienced a PeterPan concert (oh tuhanku, neraka di bumi!)

This year I was fortunate enough to get a VIP ticket to the World Stage. For you guys who aspire to get VIP tickets next year, this is what you could expect.

Free food. Yes, you heard me right, F-R-E-E. The organisers even prepared tables and benches for us to dine while waiting for the next act and there were people serving cold beverages throughout the event. Because of the heavy rain a few minutes prior to the concert, most of the tables were partially submerged in water.

The satay made up for the weather though. The satay was out-of-worldly delectable.

One of the drawbacks of being a VIP ticket holder is the location. The VIP area was literally the furthest area from the stage. Comfort, yes but satisfaction? Even the myriads of flatscreen TVs and streaming projectors cannot make up for the 'live' experience people would usually expect from concerts.

One of the best part of being a VIP is that you have opportunity to mix and mingle with artistes, journalists and anak datoks. Anak datok semuanya cun-cun but they are rare monets. Can look far-far but cannot go near-near.

And guess what? I walked side by side with the Wondergirls when I was on my way to the toilet! Nobody nobody but me~ I also bumped into several journalists like Sharmala and Niki Cheong aka the Bangsar Boy. There were also other artistes like Hujan, the Pesawat gang, Estranged dan banyak lagi.

During the concert, I overheard some random piece of conversation by random people.

"Emph, Katie Perry taklah lawa sangat macam dalam TV!"

"Penyanyi Tokio Hotel tu gay ke?"

"They english is so the bad." (referring to Tokio Hotel)

"Sam bunkface to orang kelantan tau tapi dia kata dia orang Sarawak. Di malu nak mengaku dia budak kelate!"

"Wondergirls chantek noks, boleh qualify Serdang Idol!"

"Boobs Katie size B je aku tengok."

"Where got rocker give flying kiss lidat!"

"Wondergirls so hot weih! Guarantee got silicon one."

After the 6 hour concert, I was invited to the Opera.

After the peluh-ness and busuk-ness of the concert, we moved on to the VVIP afterparty. I was just so damn lucky to get a pass. You know how I don't like clubbing so I spent most of my time at the balcony drinking Coca Cola and eating fruits.

Just so you know, I didn't act cool, sit at one corner and brood like a mysterious aristocrat as whirls of smoke engulfs the better part of my face that wasn't hidden in the depth of murderous shadows, chewah. I was giddy like a schoolboy at McDonald's playhouse because every now and then, Utt (who is apparently gay) and other MTV VJs will loiter around the balcony and hang around with other rich and good looking socialites. Fly butterflies fly.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable concert. I had a lot of fun with my friends and family and I can't wait to attend next year's concert (dapat markah ke buat conclusion skema-skema ni?) It took me a while to absorb the extent of excitement I must have felt during the concert because it came and passed so very quickly. And yeah, Katy Perry's boobs are not that big lah.