Shooting the Band

I shot Sakti's part in their first single's music video last yesterday. I had FUN. One of the bandmate's friend came to visit the studio we used for the shooting and told me I was too happy when working. "Too happy?" I asked. "You know, you were like.. overexcited."

I was overexcited. This is my first music video. Not only am I overexcited, I am also anxious, worried and easily disgruntled.

And yes, we need extras to act as human props for the story part of the music video. The location will be at Shah Alam on the:

7th and 8th


14th and 15th

of August.

To anyone whose interested, gimme an SMS to 0162899681 saying that you're interested and my producer will get in touch with you.

Just so you know, we need a LOT of extras so bring your friends and family and spend just 2 hours with us. In return, you will be given DVDs of the music video you're in. Fun eh?

We are also still looking for the female lead actress for the video. So if you're interested, send me a picture of yourself and we'll go from there.

So what are you waiting for, be a part of this super cool music video! :D

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