Burn The Quran Day

No peeps, the Burn the Quran Day was not spearheaded by the Jews. The day was created by a Christian pastor of the Florida Church.

Watch the CNN conversation between the pastor and CNN's Rick:

I don't know what you should do in reaction to this 'Burn the Quran' Day. But I know what you shouldn't do.

1. You shouldn't burn bibles.
2. You shouldn't burn the American/Florida flag.
3. You shouldn't burn fireworks (read the news today)

I think the pastor is being incredibly short-sighted and stupid. He also looks stupid. Let's make our own day: Burn That Pastor's Tie Day. That tie is an abomination. It belongs in fashion hell. It belongs in Shah Alam.

I don't really care if they burn all the Quran in the world because we have millions of Hafizs. We can just keep reproducing the Quran the same way the Prophet's sahabah produced the copy we know today. So no, I'm not angry. I just think that the pastor and his tie is stupid.


Superman's Girlfriend said...

Your advice on the not-to-do is very wise, rational, and all the synonyms that matter.

Api tak boleh dibalas dengan api.

Alfairez J. aka Bizkut said...

what u mean belongs in shah alam...?? haha...Idiot pastor...he should be really well prepared b4 his appearing on CNN n being broadcasted worldwide...matilah pastor ni nanti...

Shawal Abd. Rashid said...

LOL. That tie DOES look stupid... btw, kudos for the "what-you-shouldnt-do"..

Kaki Bangku said...

An Islamic organization in Chicago responded by promising to distribute 50 copies of the Quran for every Quran they burn. So if they decided to burn it, they are actually encouraging more Qurans being passed out. Check it out: http://www.bookofsigns.org/2010/08/book-of-signs-foundation-counters-quran-burning-in-florida/

munira said...

YES at the shouldn't do.

YES at the distribution of free Qurans response! Now THAT is a proper Islamic response.

/kisa said...

well that was... "radical" indeed.