I went back to Alor Setar for a quick R&R before Ramadhan. Bapak told me that he wants to go to Sydney in a vague conversation that I almost didn't remember. The gist of the conversation came back to me when a friend told me about an online video competition I should check out. Excellente! I thought to myself: maybe I can win two international tickets for my parents!

A week later I assembled my cousins to visit Bapak's house to feast upon Bapak's infamous Maggie goreng. Little that they know that I had an ulterior motive in mind. So after dinner, dengan camera yang dah standby, I asked them to act in a video as if they were told about this project before. Unethical but ngahngahngah!

So with zero budget and half an hour of shooting, I produced this very short video for AirAsia.

Some people didn't get the video's message. Well I think it's pretty clear but then again, what is crystal to me may be beach-washed glass to others.

What do you think? Do you get the message?


Anonymous said...

are you saying that airasia flights are shaky?:D

but i like e video tho.

Axis said...

haha...this would make a very good ad...

Lucifer said...

pardon my stupidity. but dude, i don't get it.


what message is this video supposed to convey?

fairuzaimi said...

Hahahahaha! i get it

U're trying to say that they are all imagining how was it like to be on a plane because they can't actually afford to be on one.


well, imagine no more, with Air Asia, everyone can fly :))

You're Genius! :))

p/s : eh, am i right? :))

Afiq Deen said...

Yes you are correct Fairuzaimi.

I think the video is pretty simple, no?

epul said...

You were saying that they were having an imagination of being in a flight and the lady that serve is a stewardess?

A 'layman' like me wouldn't get the message. Poor me..

Afiq Deen said...

no, I'm saying that with AirAsia, we don't have to imagine being on a plane anymore.

But I get why you don't get the message. I really do.

kiki said...

love love love the vid.. :)
n wish u lot of luck..

madiha ibrahim. said...

Afiq, u org Alor Star?
Area mana?