Afiqsays The Video

I will be making weekly video entries to be featured on my blog! But,

1. What day should I publish the weekly videos?
2. What should be the primary content of the afiqsays videos?

This up here in an introduction video. I'm not a very good youtuber (like how I tend to mumble) but I'll probably get better lah, don't worry.

So people people, what should I rant about in my next (and also officially first) video?


Dammit said...

2)Random or current issues

dila said...


cynthia c said...

HAHAHAHA you are exactly the Afiq i've always imagined! awkward, funny and cam tak cool tapi cool!

Do something about Teen Pregnancy and kes buang anak. Go afiq Go!

Gary said...

Hi Afiq,

I'm a silent reader of yours for many years. My wife translated the Malay portion of your blog (I'm American you see..)

This is a very brave thing you're doing, making youtube videos. I don't think people see the significance of this, you have more social power than you already have. This, is also something people overlook, that you're an important influence in the development of Malaysian youth.

Start with anything at all but I would like to echo Cynthia. You should make a video about the rampant teenage pregnancy in Malaysia.

Afiq Deen said...

Haha, tiba-tiba je ada comment!

Dilla, I am really that awkward in real life, not only in front of my computer screen.

Okay, I will go with the majority, teen pregnancy it is....

Puteri said...

Afiq makes vlogs now? :) you know, i also got Vlog i tak update for like 2 years.. hehe.

Maybe I'll reply to you thru vlogs since you're quite a busybee lately. Maybe ;p

Love, Put :)

kaoru said...

Yay afiq finally bwat vlog , been waiting forever for this, tp x leh nk leave video response kalau kt sni kan :P.

manis said...

Saya ingat awak ni garang orangnya. Truth be told, as you said it yourself, indirectly. You are a funny guy. Take that that as a compliment okay.
Can't wait for the first vlog.

p/s: Just this morning I read in the news there's another abandoned baby. It was very sad. I pity the mum. And very sorry for the baby. Hope she'll find a new home.

Ann Alien said...

Afiq, Afiq, Afiq. You are so not helping with my absurd crush on you by making these videos. *clutches heart* Haha!

On a more serious note, like Cynthia said, you are exactly as I imagined you'd be. And I agree with the other comments who said you have a lot of power. You do, man. I am really excited to see what you do with it, especially since you have one of the most powerful tools of revolution ever: FILMS.

Your Youtube videos will be a start of something really great.

I hope whatever issues you discuss in your videos (a lot of of ones like Lebai Gurun would be cool), slot in a few light hearted ones. (for instance, commenting on your hilarious formspring questions. Haha!) Oh! Do an AskAFIQ video weekly!

Power to A.D.

Always the fan,

Nessie said... look soo akwardly cute...
whatever issues you talk VLOG...would be accepted widely by your international-wide fans(cewah...)

and the teen pregnancy issue is hot right afiq...go go..hahaha

Yana. said...

hey, look at that, you are one funny guy. hahahaha.