Malaysia Boleh!

I woke up basking myself away under a feverish sun. It was too perfect a morning. Too perfect. Too perfect that it awaits disaster. The ticklish heat of the morning sun and the heavenly swirling cool breeze told me Get Out and Get Myself Into Trouble.
I stayed mesmerized for a few more minutes before the sun and wind muster enough energy to shout "You Ask For It!"
I claded myself in black and got myself strolling around Bukit Bintang for the rest of the day. I got time to burn before I fetch my brother from Puduraya. I knew, I knew the perfect morning must have compensated the hell I will have to experience on the road. Puduraya, around 7pm is Hell.
I embraced Hell with a RM1.20 Star newspaper and amazed myself with the Majlis Ulama. Pas is already squabbling with the rest of the Pakatan Rakyat even before September 16. I foresee mobs carrying slogans shouting Allahuakbar. I foresee a reincarnation of Hindraf. I foresee chaos.
My dear country is getting herself a susuk treatment. (Why can't Anwar Ibrahim wait for the upcoming elections. His hunger for power is so obvious it's ridiculous.)
Talking about Susuk. I watched the movie. It was OK. Not great. Not excellent. I have boxes in my head. Amir Muhammad belongs to a shabby one I labelled Overrated. I guess everybody expected greatness from this movie critic and expected an outstanding commercial directorial debut. I walked out the cinema feeling hampa at his attempt to return Malaysia back to its P. Ramlee glory. What rubbish. P. Ramlee made it in Singapura not Malaya. Malaya killed him and his spirit. Malaysia kills passion. Malaysia kills architecture. Malaysia is a killing machine. We should make a movie about the state of our country. It'll make a hell of a horror movie.It'll outrank Sembilu. It'll win Oscars and Razzies. I'll buy its special edition DVD.
(Will I get arrested for not being patriotic?)
Maybe we do need a facelift. Maybe September 16th IS Hari Malaysia. See what you made me think you greedy UMNO, you racist MCA & MIC!

I hope you're happy!


Amir Muhammad said...

Yeah, tell it like it is!
Hope to see you at MALAYSIAN GODS :-)


1. Atcherly as I see it, Politician kat Malaya ni kalau tak bagi belakang dia bagi yang depan, kalau tak pun bagi kat poket... so samer jer semua...!! Yang kata beragama sangat tu pun overrated...

2. When I was at IIU way back when.. (PJ Campus) I guess we were allowed to express or Individual opinions freely (so long as they were in line with the university's non-philosophy!)

Afiq Deen said...

I warned u didn't comments by anonymouses!

Afiq Deen said...

but since u asked anonymous, if you haven't noticed, there is a transition of superpowers and time is of the essence. Cuba bukak google earth, you will realize that Malaysia is super small. Our country's state of economy is shifting and we don't need the ruckus provided by DSAI.

If he loves his country so much, tunggula next elections. Tunggulah bila pakatan dah bersatu. Takkan kite kene tanggung keseksaan semata-mata supaya Anwar boleh jd PM.

Kurangkan harga minyak tu salah satu tactic tahpape. Patutnye kite carik and develop source of energy baru.