Woah... this Aisha song is permanently stuck in moi. Stress is by now in ma blood and vein. In ma flesh and bonez. Everythin's passin by so quickly today. Allah had blessed me with extra dose of ignorance today, hastening it, conning the crawling second ticker. Talking about conning,
I'm addicted of the Hustle series! Stacie is ticking man.. ~n_n~ The deal is, when I usually watch DVD series, I'll skip alot, jumping from one plot to another but in Hustle, I can't usik-usik! If I do, I'm bound to be conned myself 0_o

The Gol and Gincu series are slowly becoming one of my favs. The plastic pan-asian cast are getting more comfortable in their own characters. Their acting is so... so... so real.. Reality based that is. The depression, confusion, break-ups; just my cuppa tea. I can relate since most of the characters are design students *perasan* Eih, that Sinclair guy is an architecture graduate from UUM you know.. talking about balls~

I've been 'selling' this joke lately:

Why one football match session is 45 minutes?

Aha, you see... there are 11 players in one team. There are 2 teams in a football match. So in total there's 22 players on the field.

One man has 2 balls-testicles-bollocks-nuts-local reference here: ______

So there's 44 balls altogether...

Including the ball they're playing on the field

There's 45 balls in total!

The 2 minute injury time you ask?

The referee's balls!


afiq stroberi said...

citer hustle best giler... skrg dh season ape ek citer tu? dh lame x tgk.

btw, nice joke bout football. hihihi... ^_^

DaRk AnGeL said...

i'm laughing out loud on the joke~!
especially on the injury time~
hahahaha.. nice one~

ermm.. hustle? never watch them.. yet~!
gol and gincu? errrkk.. not my type.. yet~!

Chemistry Grad said...

astraf sinclair is soo hot..still remember his dialogue in 3R:
"saya bagi bunga hari itu, dapat?" with innocent and 'caring' faces, and i lil bit of suara mak..haha~

but he's hot. architecture guys i usually bump into, mmg selalu hot la..but not all. bile tgok hot, bila approach, cold gile.."reject! NEXT!" hehe~

hustle? gol n gincu? haha~ not my cuppa coffee or tea or ABC. so u enjoy la with whoever ur watching with.. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I love gol&gincu de series !! It is sooo de reality of life in KL. Whether we like it or not, de charaters are for real.But 'm not too sure bout Piere Andre's character coz manede guys yg sooo pandai+ sweeeet sgttt + sgttt chomell kat kl ?? hehehe.. sorry :p

p/s: i tot you're cold but then again, there's a soft spot within you,which is gewd.

afiq said...

cold? Moi? nonononono.. I'm cool, in a self-absorbed kinda way.

Ashraf sinclair in person is really thin.. the camera pump some weight in him. I am a kaki wayang so slalu bump into him.

archi student are cold coz most of us are all so stressed up during day time tapi if u approach us at nite.. we're unusually friendly. We are, in fact, emotionally nocturnal.

u like jokes about balls eh stowberry?

Chemistry Grad said...

ashraf sinclair mmg kurus kering ci-keding..but he's hot.
*bukan hot jenis sherita notasi mak, eh?!* haha~

eiiii, tak suka sama pierre andre..sgt gemok. pelat "s" gitu~ mak tak suka ah!
*biar betik nama die pierre andre..dalam IC pun sama kah? muka sejibik ngan mak nya, kathy tan. aiseyy..*

Chemistry Grad said...

soft spot? *kid dah start dirty minded*

anon ada sentuh mana2 part ke? *aiseyy, ni mesti kerja BTB poisoning my innocent brain..actually i'm kinda mabuk. going to bed soon soon soon. lambang tak bleh tahan!*

anonymous ni mirul ke? soft spot, soft spot..haha~ mak curious la.

dah dah..nite!

Chemistry Grad said...

oh afiq, stroberi suker jokes about FOOTball la, bukan balls..haha~ *afiq pun dirty minded gak..*

afiq said...

soft spot means the part yg afiq cakap pasal tv shows and so on and so fourth...

i guess..

Anonymous said...

that's right,afiq.

kid said...

huh? soft spot wha..aat?

ok fine, only afiq and anonymous understand each other. i dont, a heck.

*mcm kenal anonymous ni*

i have lab now, ciao!

afiq said...

speculations... anon.. susah..

why do u refer urself as such. wouldn't it be easier to create a nickname or something?

kid said...

do u know, some smart blokes just know ppl from reading their writing? your top front brain is ur personality, ur left/right top front brain is ur language controlling depend if ur lefty or normal right handed.*motif telling u this, with nicks or without dicks, doesn't make any difference*

smart blokes can smell what the rock is cookin'..[they just smell them familiar, but never know exaclty who.."L!"]

hi anon!

Anonymous said...

gewd one,kid.

nana said...

haha.. pandai la ko nk cover line ntuk bdak2 archi ek afq.. but, u are quite rite.. usually archi students are drowsy at day and alive by nite.. can't understand the motif although i'm one of them.. hihi.. but live must go on..
asyraf?? no comment.. cute but since never seen or known him personally so, no comment yet.. where did u bumped into him anyway? i live in the same area as he is but never seen him.. not that i actually looked.. haha
hustle n gol n gincu.. did't get the chance to watch it.. yet.. pinjam dvd ko la eh? haha

afiq said...

takleh! (^_^)'