I am at Burger King KLIA.

I attended a kenduri yesterday and had found out that I'm allergic to the Kampung. Should I write that down in my MPH book club application form?

The intense humidity and unexpected chicken droppings is toleratable. Not so with the people and the environment shaped by them. It's like visiting an alien nation.

Assalamualaikum Pakcik..
*turn at his friend* Pandai cakap melayu budak ni!
Terima kasihlah sebab..
Kamu ni Cino ke? Dari mane ni?
Takdelah, saya dari Sabah, Orang melayu..
Orang Sabah ye? Orang Cino Sabah lah kiranye
Tak tak... orang Melayu..
Buat ape skarang nie?
Belajar dekat Universiti Islam Antarabangsa.. UIA..
Oh.. Yelah...

I diverted my attention to the Kuih Muih when I heard the same pakcik talking to his group of friends. He speaks rather loudly, a norm here.

Budak tu dari Universiti Sabah. Orang Cino tuh..


The women are humble and lovely but there's always a hint of mockery in each sentences. Bragging is never a sin in Kampungland. It was done so casually that I'd thought that it was a different language altogether.

The men talks about nothing. No surprise there.. I myself enjoy leisure -nothingness- once in a while.

The teenagers.. *realizes that I am one myself* they are so unworldly. So much that I would love to have them work or study in KL. Fags in hand, they shout when talking, bidding attention as they Oi and Ei their peers, followed by usage of crude words. Every sentence they speak of smells of Dunhill and sad unrealistic statements. Surreal in a superficial way. Devil curry with chicken soup.

And I notice one thing peculiar, these (not all) Kampung people only pray once a day, that is the Maghrib prayers. This is quite new to me. They made a big fuss of me when I asked where I should pray and the Qibla direction. "Awak tu Cino buat apa sembahyang?"

Saya Muslim, orang Islam
Oh... ye ke... *turns to (again) his group of friends* Orang Cino sembahyang jugok!

Well, maybe it's this particular Kampung I'm not fond of so I'll hold my tongue (or fingers) from further observations.

The next time I blog I will be at Sabah, Negeri di Bawah Bayu...


Chemistry Grad said...

ni kampung mana yang sembahyg sekali sehari, ni?

or merely ur fantasy?


afiq said...

the name of the Kampung is disclose.. for legal reasons.. heheh

afiq said...

the name of the Kampung is disclose.. for legal reasons.. heheh

Chemistry Grad said...


It's like visiting an alien nation.

i have the same problem but entering UIA.

but for the kampong ppl, they are quite skeptical ngan bdk2 bandar mcm kiter2 ni sebenornye..mcm laa kiter2 ni jahat sgt. huhu~ sedih la..

dorg cam anti cina ke? mesti slalu dok kene tipo dek apek2 cino dokat bandor..huhu~

anyway, happy holiday!

Szakif said...

on behalf of those kampungan people, i wanna beg ur appology... wahaha~ bapak kuno diorang tu! tak tahan dowh~ dak cino! :))

nana said...

owh no.. dear dear afiq.. this one, i just have to disagree wif you.. well, maybe u just got there at the wrong time and meeting a bunch of wrong people.. i'm not saying it is not possible.. i know same of these org kmpung is almost impossible to be tolerated.. i was born and raised in kl n selangor.. but i lived for six years in a kampung and if the kampung u visited only seems to pray just once in a day, it must be a pretty weird kampung.. where i lived, they're like can't wait to go for prayers mainly for the senior citizens. the teens.. well they're a little rough here and there but hey, u can't put the blame totally on them. where they live, it is difficult to make an impression on other older kids.. and very difficult to live up to their elders expectations.. if they're weak they'd be shoved off just like that or bullied and nobody would actually care that much.. the only way they could survive is to pretend to be tough and sometimes mean.. and with time, what was supposed to be an act, become who they are. and the pakcik you met. i think he's just 'nyanyuk'.. i know, its annoying.. there's also one in my kampung.. but its a makcik.. she seems to get everything we said wrong somehow.. but when its hari raya time, i think she's richer than any kids in the kampung.. haha.. bragging.. haha it is not only done in kampungland, but also everywhere in this world.. but maybe just in a different way and language.. yeah, kampung people could be narrow minded, but then again, not all city people are open minded either.. they're just narrow minded (or perhaps shallow) in different areas.. :) okay that's it for now bye, abien tot!!
its me nana signing out~