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Blogostism: it is generally a disoder; a confused and tortured state of mind personafied through disturbing sequent of blog entries. There are 5 different form of Blogostism.

Warning: Blogostistic bloggers are advised to immediately turn on your mp3 player and select any song by Enya, stand up straight and do the macarena (for medical purposes).


A less intelligent version of smart-alecks. Their favourite colour is neon pink and whether they realize it or not, they are the most prominent bloggers in asian blogosphere. With the likes of Wendy from Xiaxue.blogspot.com and Joyce (Adam Carruther's gf) they have the most hits and their bitchy personality translates net sensation.

General knowledge
Bimboistic bloggers tend to have long term relationships with white men and cameras.

ada ramai jenis ni sebenarnye....
Bloggers who are too emotionally attached with their blogs. They are always hungry for attention and has a slight eating disoder. The entries are usually provocative beyond reason and issues that surfaced these entries are often about soul-searching. These bloggers may project a confused, searching image and strived to obtain any emotions that rhymes with pathy: empathy, sympathy, pathy ayam etc.

General knowledge
Praises and acknowledgements are drugs to these bloggers


Life is all about bitching and making a change by discouraging changes. Rebels with a cause and no direction. To them profanity are daffodils and roses. Same goes to vulgarity. Do not double cross with these bloggers because if we do, we are bad Malaysians... *oooh.. scary* They are very in tune in national politics and involved in communal dispute of valuable garbage.

General knowledge
They tend to be nice in person

Dramascus Queenus

They grew up being the scriptwriter for reality class soap operas. They ochestrate real relationships and are often potrayed themselves as protoganist characters. The stage comprises of one beauty queen, her ugly best friend, countless casanovas and one brunette bitchy villain. Their entries are ingredients of a sought after Filipino soap: revenge, family affair, ugly turn beauty heroine, heart-breaking flirtin' and endless drama.

General knowledge
They are what they blog. Favourite colour: purple. Favourite soap: La Usurpadora


The mildest form of blogostism. Mostly known as celebrity bloggers. Entries are rare. Very rare. But being real life celebrities, their blogs are read repeatedly and comments could reach as high as 500 in numbers. They are seldom criticised and are praised like Gods by fans. Malaysian favourite celeb blogger: Afdlin Shauki lah....

General knowledge
These bloggers are very careful when blogging as any misunderstanding could result a column in local newspapers.

So are you blogostistic? O_o
are you, are you, are you


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none of the above..

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