I've heard this somewhere:

"Every hour wounds. The last one kills."

I don't have to be Afghanistan to be hit by uncomparable turmoil.
And whenever I think 'I'll go back to my roots to 'water' myself'.
The water will turn muddy and smoulder my feet.
It's bad enough walking through land minds, but with eternally wet mud all over my feet?

OK, 2 minutes of self-pitying is over, life goes on~~


Chemistry Grad said...

adey...kawan ngan szakif la!

afiq said...

u so~~~~ dont see the bigger picture

afiq said...

i have to delete the comment.. for a reason or two.

i've been walking for hours trying to look for classes. It's like amazing race.. venues changed and days of lectures postponed..

its driving me crazy..

and calls and messages.. i dont have the leisure time to reply all of them. My mom called and I was scurrying something when i was over the phone and i told her i cant meet up because i have classes and site trips.. its ridiculous for her to get angry over his but knowing the unpredictability(this word exist ke?) of women...I'll never know.

Chemistry Grad said...

haha~ cambest jek!

so, i'm so~~~~~ dont get it? i know i know..e gets it!


tellmewhyidontlikemondays said...


yes. such word exists. :)

afiq said...


thanks tellme-whatever~

DaRk AnGeL said...

hai afiq~!!!!!!
hehehe.. sori lambat masuk blog awk.. nie baru jumpa...
ermmm... thanks for your words eh.. selama nie.. kat blog akk.

maka.. akan masukkan link ni kat blog akk supaya senang nak tag awk next time~!

and dont worry.. akan masuk sini selalu~