My first and only project this semester is to design a kindergarten. So we (four representatives) visited a kindergarten in Damansara. It's nostalgic there, to be exact as the kindergarten's set up was almost identical to the kindergarten I attended.
There are two types of kindergartens in Malaysia, ones that opted traditional pre-school method and the 'open' method. This particular kindergarten we visited is an 'open' kindergarten.

The difference? Traditional kindergartens emphasizes on th 3R: writing, reading, arithmatic and the 'open' kindergarten is more or less a play school, emphasizing on cultivating creativity.

The boy hiding at the back looks exactly like Jared, an ex-classmate.

Just that KODAK moment you know...(and I'm using a Kodak Camera : p)

They're toilets are cleaner than any public toilets. *~tink~* Adults who doesn't know how to operate facilities in toilets should attend 2 months of kindergarten-ing!
Khalid(Morocco), Afiq (Sabah), Nadhira (US), Indian Careteker Lady and Saudari Something..

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Chemistry Grad said...

waa~ khalid looks interesting. send regard to him la! serious beb!