USha jer...

The misguided, atrocious, malicious, villainous WAY,
The American WAY !

If you had a discussion on terrorism and you brought up the 9/11 incident, what will you say if someone suggested that it was all a set up?

And as a student of architecture, the idea of a building with massive primary columns and the added exterior columns were defeated by a single blow is ridiculous. Ignoring architectural circumstances; logically, is it possible that the WTC collapsed in 8.6 seconds, the same amount of time needed for a small pebble to reach the ground from the highest floor? This includes the fact that WTC collapsed without resistance, which is, (I repeat) ridiculous!

We're witnessing the biggest fraud in the planet and sadly, not many know about this and most who knew it could only babble about it.

And by this fraud alone, America had invaded the whole world and those who opposed him are labelled the 'Axis of Evil'. They had invaded majority of us Malaysians, unnoticably of course and they're main aim: to suck the wealth out of Muslim Countries before destroying the religeon. I'm accusing you say?

How am I guilty of accusing knowing that they had destroyed lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. How am I guilty of accusing knowing that Iraq is the second largest oil reserve and Afghanistan controls major oil-pipelines. How am I guilty of accusing knowing Iran, the largest oil reserve is on the verge of war with the US.

What can I do to prevent this modern-day Imperialism? What? Whistle blowers are everywhere but very few world-citizens heeds them.

Who's fault is it? The US? It's actually our fault. We're suckers! (pun very much intended). We never seem to read between the lines. We're so obsessed with MALAYISM to care so much about Islam. Every riggit we spent on US products are used to shoot our own brothers and sisters. And knowing this, how can anyone eat in McDonald's without lurching, without throwing up. It's because we don't see it. The CNN never showed us visuals of people killed in Iraq. They don't. They are colonized by the US. The world media is controlled by the US! And that is coming out of my mouth a matter-of-factly.

"What can I do?"

~I won't purchase anything under a US-based brand. ex: McD's, KFC, NIKE, and the likes

~I'll support hollywood movies DVD piracy...

~And that is all I could think of now.... I'll ponder upon this issue later and will probably come out with more "what can I do"s


Chemistry Grad said...

salam bro!

aha! at last there's your very much intelligent topic here..physics and architecture, how how how beautiful ehh??

honestly, i love this topic..

honestly, in my opinion, majority Muslims have lost our genuine wisdom. we lost in our own Islamic basic teaching. we have soo many things going around, we lost our grip and letting it go.

melayu kata,"maleh la"/"takpe la"/"nanti la"/"ok la"/"cincai la"..

Muslims are not weak actually, we are just tired. exhaustion that make us prone to behave like that. tired and tak larat lagi nak lawan Satan. we need stamina to tolerate and at the same time jihad WISELY and it is wisdom.

macam mana kalo kita dok kata, "maleh la"..? maleh fikiq..

again, honestly - i hate those who berjihad sampai bermusuh-musuhan, mendiskriminasikan.
i hate those who berjihad memburukkan lagi keadaan melalui keganasan *du uh..* i'm sorry to say this - but those fella are utterly stupid. kalo tak suka, kenapa susah2 memekak buat himpunanan haram, gaduh tepi jalan tunjukkan kemarahan?
and i hate when those ppl who mix issues of religion with almost everything - kalo awak ada masalah dalam hal minyak ke, kapal terbang langgar bangunan ke.. kiter settle kan skrang. tak payah dok kutuk2 agama orang.

and..sebelom tgok masalah orang, cermin2kan la diri tu sikit..

afiq: im feeling helpless as a muslim
kid: u can help those around u first. dont worry. sikit2 lama-lama jadi bukit dan sabar itu separuh daripada iman..

gud luck berbuat baik kat org sekeliling..jgn marah2 and kalo boleh jgn curse mcm mat salleh2 tu..insya Allah~ nampakla dorg nanti..


Anonymous said...

Afiq, i've seen the vids and analysis of some of the parties accusing 9/11 is set up.
very convincing.. BUT how do you know it's not a fraud in it's own analysis?
The US was just as convincing when they lay out the graphics thru different medias then..
the same could be done here.

kalau betul, mmg sedih la..

i salute you wanting to stop buying U.S products.. but if it's our money that we want to stop the U.S. from getting. logically, there's no way that could happen.
might as well stop all trades kan?
they lead the world's currency, global market, etc.

just like the middle east itself, there seems to be no resolution...
good for you for starting small..
i read somewhere that Starbucks' profit dah menurun..
guess it's Muslims at work hm?

my comment here has no conclusion. take it as it is.
.. and great to be here too btw!
- Puteri.

afiq said...

yes, i think boycotting everything american will also stop trade altogether but -damaging- a portion of its trade: fastfood chain outlets and movies is a hint of threat. It is powerful nonetheless.

The arabs had done so with Denmark just because of the cartoon that discriminate and disintergrate our prophet but americans had violated Islam as a whole. Does that make sense?

Cartoons- Boycott denmark
Destroyed 2 muslim countries - let's go have lunch at McD's tomorrow.

It's hard though: not eating anything american until the US stop its invasion but its my personal battle and in my opinion, has a sense of jihad in it.

And it is very much intriguing to know that the Saudis are still doing trade with the US in termendous proportion, having the richest Saudi Dynasties to invest a large sum (over a trilion dollar) of money in the US. Prince Bandar and the BinLadens. These Muslims should have their feets back on the ground and start sharing their wealth for the benefit of Islam.

Chemistry Grad said...

McDs bad for health la oii! high cholecterol level and obesity..

well, besides u'r actually spending money their product then to kill our brothers and sisters, u r killing urself too.


Chemistry Grad said...

nak tanya, sila jawab sesapa yg berminat!

hizbulloh(the lebanese) killed and captured a couple of israelis, do u think the israelis have no right to defend themselves?

sila jawab dgn pehun kesabaran...i need good attitude answer!

afiq said...

this is a whole diff discussion.. im really concerned about the US.

We can't make change if we are divided in our discussions.

the main questions would be "what can I do?"

nana said...

this topic is great..
i do agree with you though afiq!! their act is so sneaky and clever... too clever in fact that they become suprisingly stupid.. juz stop to ponder, how did they ever come up with such thing as terrorism in the first place?? how can anyone be so sure that it wasn't them who created the whole mess?? they could be in league with this so called 'terrorist' for all we know. when the report states clearly that there are no such nuklear weapons in iraq, how did they manage to convince themselves and anyone else who aggreed on their ideas that the weapons are there?? how did they get away with 'terrorising' iraq with their own campaign of 'no terrorism'?? it doesnt make sense,to get rid of a single person, such as osama, or saddam,namely, they had to destroy half of the country itself.. destroying millions of innocent life.. leaving kids parentless, wives husbandless.. i mean, where's the sense it that?? i think its all such a big crap!! i hate war.. i hate the fact that they use 'terrorism' naming the muslims as the terrorist as a way to gain personal profit.. and (which i kind of agree wif kid) i hate (if there's any) those undoubtedly stupid acts of supposedly to be the 'jihad' team.. don't get me wrong, i'm not opposing jihad.. i'm opposing the way they do 'terrorism' they hated and opposed so much by the name of jihad.. whats the point of bombing a building or bombing anything as the matter of fact?? y do they need to capture and kill people who had not done anything to them?? if it was in the act of defense, then it would be a different matter.. whats the use in revenge? it would only result in loss of innocent life.. to get rid of those very2 horrible monster people, must we sacrifice innocent lives in the process?? i just don't get it.. y don't someone just shoot bush and blair to death.. it would be much easier.. but then again, there would always be protege for them.. *sigh*
i think i'm gonna do what u're doing.. no more kfc, mcd etc.. (i could lose some weight and save money in the process hehe)i agree.. the act of not helping contributing money to them although not much, is actually a personal jihad.. maybe we can't help our brothers and sisters there much in this matter, but at least, we try not to contribute to their death as well.. :) thats it for now..
~its me nana signing out~
p/s; i think your english is excelent!! love it ;) you go boy!!

afiq said...

thanks nana for ur wonderful comment. It's more of an 'off-guard' confession, shich i appreciate.

i'd spent 2 weeks without fastfood and coke and it feels great. Not so when the commercials come by but then, resisting nafsu is an act of jihad jugak kan.

so be it.