All year round

Great Expectations

Personally speaking(or writing), binded I am, binded you are. Binded we are.

Working 8 to 5, dinner with family, promotions, two cars, vacationing once in a while? Is this ideal for a future. A fulfilled future. Is it the future? An unseen time of beckoning. What if I die a second after?
im so fed up of my mum pressuring me to score in my exams...
A fulfilled life is every second I'm living. A fulfilled life is life itself. Every second of life is a fulfilled life if we do things that makes us content in discontent of reaching contentments. And what sourness of sweet is of the reckoning when we do so?
Osama is also just a set up!
Life is short. The world is emptying life as we're speaking. Doomsday will probably be experienced by us. So let's affect change and lengthen peace. It is possible.
For whatever reason, I wish dearly to kill George Bush. I really do.
"Working 8 to 5, dinner with family, promotions, two cars, vacationing once in a while?" may not be an option of our future...

Whatever happens, make sure you're on the right track: Allah is the only God and prophet Muhammad is his Massenger. period.

Attention, Have you seen Adrian's sister, Jasmine? She's been missing since Tuesday. More details in Adrian's blog... I have a bad feeling...


Adrian said...

Thank you to everyone for praying for Jasmine's safety and well-being, Alhamdulillah she has returned home safely.

afiq said...

yay.. hear that, she's back, back again. jasmine's back... (cant rememeber the rest of the lyric)