I dont get women!

If you have not notice, women's right to voice out opinion or vote for their political candidates were unheard of a century ago. The 21st century marked the spot; women's freedom is slowly but surely getting public acceptance over the years. Now everyone deserves to vote and voice out opinion as well as to take control of a country's management and administration. Malaysia is one good example; we have Rafidah Aziz and the likes of them. Yes she cried in public assemblies, yep, she cried in the parliament, and oh yes, she cried on TV. She is practically 'crying out' her weaknesses, demonstrating women's subconscious state of denial that they are male's equal counterpart.
Malay women.... they demand equal respect in order to succeed but retreat to their "but i'm only a woman!" when resistance to their near success appears. They are analogically chihuwawas; they bark as loud as any other dog in the neighborhood but could not even bare the idea of territorial fights. As a student, I found myself in a difficult position where women displays their good traits like being hardworking and inhumanely persistent but at the same time blanket their flaws with a niche statement: "but i'm a woman". Is equality there? It is very much there but malay women do not seem to understand the implication of the word equality is sexes. Or do they?
The idea of having Hilary Swank and Will Smith in the boxing ring is downright inappropriate because of their different physical strength but a scenario where a women debate team fights off an all male debate team is generally acceptable. Why? B It is because women and men's intelligence are in equal position. So why should Rafidah cry? It is so funny when Malay girls think they can decide anything but refuse to accept the responsibilities that lies within it. It is so funny when a Malay girl could underestimate a male counterpart but refused to be treated otherwise. It is funny that a friend of mine could tick me off in public but could not grasp the idea that I could hit back. I was not punching her on her foundation surfaced face. I was hitting back with my arguments backed by experience and knowledge. It is funny how Rafidah thinks everyone is getting a piece of her. It is funny how Malay girls just refuse to grow up. All the other women in the world had smelled the roses. Now it is your turn to smell them. Let us start in a more secure environment shall we; now pluck a hibiscus each, ladies!

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zazu said...

not all women go around saying "but, im a woman".that is purely a ridiculous assumption made by men when they are somehow caught at a dead end.you`re just jealous because we women are much more conniving and smart than you men are..hehe