Closet, closet, water...des

I have several friends who are closet gays; huh? ppl who thinks they're gay but act like they're not. Bah. Well, that's how i put it. He actually think they are actually born to be gay. He wont admit it though but with subtle persuasion, i was successful of 'revealing' him. Its kinda weird really. I first noticed this when he has a spark of interest on good looking guys. He'll flush and try to avoid eye contact with whoever he considers goodlooking. I was like' k,(not real name) why are you looking at him like that?' It was weird at first but later i got used to it and started to 'play along'. 'hey,k. look at him...i think he's looking at you.' But seriously, i wish i could tell him that being gay is a psychological thing. Its not natural. hmm.... but being friends and all... i'll just watch over him from afar.. u know.. keeping him preoccupied..away from the related influences.

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