sunny sunday

Sundays. A time for us to reflect upon our passed week.

I learned that I am a very balanced person when it comes to sleeping. No matter how I resist sleeping (sometimes for days) I will avenge sandman and get my fair share of sleep during the weekends.

I learned that I seclude myself from the world when I feel like it, locking myself in my room and stick a "I'm hibernating. I'll eat your heads off if you come nearer." sign on the door.

I learned that I hate posh-acting peers who has rich and corrupted parents

I learned that I have a monumental problem with commitments

I learned that I hate doing laundries but love to sit on the washing machine when it dry-spins my clothes. I like how it shakes my behind (and kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya)

I learned that I lose and gain weight easily. I learned that I should be appreciative of my bodily traits because it is a clear indication of -you are what you ate- phrase. Thank you Oprah.

I learned that I like to have a lot of friends than sticking to one or two. I also learned that I can be a spectacular (you hear me right...) spectacular PR.

I learned that I love country music.

And lastly

I learned that:



Azra Yukiko said...

Hmmm, I like the plant on the radio.

Chemistry Grad said...

oh i like the hibernating part..

i learned that u look like apek to the last pic of u..(aisey, cikeding nyee. makan byk skit cik. nmpak cam sakit jek)

Anonymous said...

Owwhhh, the soft spot in you, this is the 1st time i nampak/knoe dat there's a plant in guys room.

Gewd quality.

afiq said...

u and ur soft spot... for all i know, ur a dodoler of many traits *wink* If u dont understand what im talking about, worry not, neither do I.

Eh, lay off me aite. I happen to love myself, apek or not. and i do have chinese blood running in my vein. And what's wrong with apeks..?

i like the plant too.. just pray for some magical gardener to pay a visit and siram it will ya?

Anonymous said...

I meant to say u're sweet in a berlapik way. I think Korean suits u best!!

kid said...

korean..??!!! HAHA~ way to go, anon!