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maybe u r a malay who looks like chinese
ppl always think u r one
thats why u dont care about malay...but malaysia~?
u dont do philosophy..so u dont think that way~

Hmm. I don't do philosophy huh?

I would like to explain why I reject notions revolving race and country, why I don't associate myself with the Lina Joy protest, why I hate being called a Malay.

I want to share you some pieces of information I collected from the library last semester. I vowed then that I will support any relevant Islamic Revolution that is in sync with my search for truth.

The Islamic Renaissance: the empirical succession of Islam that once conquered and converted half of the world. The Ottoman Empire.

How is it that the Empire had been so successful to capture half of the world's mind and heart to accept and live Islam?

How is that Islam had spanned throughout lands and islands without the help of computers, telephone and other devices?

How is that Islam brought peace to the world with no question and desperation for political ideologies like Democracy, Communism etc?

It is simply because the Caliphs (leaders) of that time directly followed Prophet Muhammad's traits and leadership style as well as his solutions to spread Islam. They followed the Prophet's Sunnah. His direction. His Pattern. Aren't we suppose to live by his Sunnah?

It is important to point out that some of my findings includes the method of Rasulullah's reforming actions. Indeed, Rasulullah is the greatest reformer in the world. Michael H. Hart hailed Prophet Muhammad to be the most influential person in the world.

Reflecting on the public's enthusiastic approach of race dominance and nationalism, do you know that Rasulullah had abolished Tribalism and Nationalism?

He had and if he had not done so, Islam will never achieve its Renaissance. Instead, he opted for Universalism. One of the examples is the appoinment of Bilal bin Rabbah to be the first Muezzin. Why didn't Rasulullah choose another Arab like him? Why did he select a black slave from a distant land?

And here we are giving extra merits in accordance of a person's race and religion.

In the days of Prophet's Muhammad's Governance;

~Muslims and Jew lived in a community

~If people of both religion were to attack by a third party, all of them are responsible of counter-attacking the intruders.

~To install peace, it is desirable that it is done so in consultation of eachother.

~Equal distribution of wealth, either to Non-Muslims or Muslims.

~Developed the policy of the appointment of the governors, judges and officers without any discrimination.

Under the prophet's ruling, there were no Hak Istimewa Orang Arab
There were no Hak Istimewa Orang Islam

And so why are we all out protecting Malay rights and Muslim's right? The Syariah Court is insulted. Right. So do what the prophet did. EXECUTE LINA JOY if she really wants to be Murtad.

It is the command from Allah through his massenger and the Syariah Court is suppose to carry out its duties by applying the Islamic Jurisprudence.

We are all Muslims and had promised to live by the Quran and Sunnah. Don't you think we will be question later by the Almighty on why we were so blantant on protecting our tribal rights? Why we neglected our Muslim brothers? Why we allow SISTER IN ISLAM? Why we scare people with our aggression in the name of Islam?

Will we not be questioned by the Almighty?


Why don't we strive for that where we can practiced Allah's Law and lead the world with knowledge, power and technology. Where the the central government will be in Makkah and Nationalism, Democracy and large-scale association will be replaced by one Brand: Islam.

Insya Allah~


DaRk AnGeL said...

just dropping by a smile...

afiq said...

smiles back (sarcastically of course)

Chemistry Grad said...

ala..afiq, i want malay takkan hilang didunia and Islam terus berkembang di malaysia.

but i dunt like the malays' right too~ tapi ramai org bantah la