Pearl of the orient baby...

Yeah okay, my laptop's name is officially Eton IT. So here are the names of my favourite kampong girls:

Minah :: bicycle
Goyah :: cell phone (NGAGE)
Eton IT :: Laptop

And the visiting ang moh/mat salleh:

Lauren :: diary

I'm grinning the whole day because I will be spending my weekends in Penang with studiomates, all of them! Hopes everything goes well but I have a feeling that it's going to be~~ seminar-ish. Tea time, sukaneka, "ok, children, we'll gather here by 10 sharp" and no, nononono, curfew! But then again, can archi students even plan successfully? Nay. Things will probably go askew in a fun funky way. FUNKIFUNIBABoombam!
Hmph. A Bosnian guy hit on me a few hours ago. Aah, I'm getting used to this already~ gave him my fake number of course. What's up with them anyways? I find it amusing as well, figuratively speaking. I have a feeling that I attract more guys than girls. I still find it amusing, mind you.
Aaah, yes. Do you know fitnah is a crime worse than murder? Well some people have been spreading rumours of my mother and I sure as hell that they will burn in the deepest pit of Jahanam. Well all I'm saying is it involved a former police marine's wife and her bitchy-than-thou shithole we call mouth. Yes you can spread rumours but I can spread hot butter on your husband's hidden and well-kept bribery cases. I longed for the day corrupted policemen goes to jail and has to pay all their corruption debts while they're enjoying their retirement and the wife will be forced to work as mak-guards to meet end's meet.
It's such a pleasant surprise~ So very pleasant...
to SAC2 Tuan Hamdan 's wife:

RUN bitch RUN.



Anonymous said...

no name for your plant??

afiq said...

you wanna name her? go ahead, be my guest

Chemistry Grad said...

no worry..

Anonymous said...

Hehe, hmmm, name ape,huh? ok, the plant's name is Nony as in Anonymous. Cute and green, haha...

Say hi to Nony.

Chemistry Grad said...

nony? anon la..sounds more like a kampung girl..*i guess, err wat is nama kampung?*

anyway, afiq, i dont get the relationship the whole story and the dog..

oops..oh, ohhh~~~ [got it] but why so pleasant?

kid nak tgok muka2 org2 ni, bley? kalo dapat borak lagi syok oh..then i can apply wat i've learnt in psycho.