Don't ask me why. I just blog everywhere. I'm currently in Concorde, assisting umi; she just got back from Makkah.

From observations, why is it that most malay sisters in IIU has a typical -ustazah- attitude? Timid, shy, urgh, restricted. It's not the system. It's not the country. It's them. Why is it that most foreigners I'd met are more empowered than our sisters?

Be empowered, be responsible of your actions, be professional, be a dodol scholar. Hello ustazah, look up, look around and smell the afternoon teh tarik! Owh... bf dalam fon tu berani nak gado-gado, apek tipu you pasrah jer. Aish, you ustazah pissed me off so dodoling much! Whenever I cycle passed them, they'll lompat and keep their gaze on the road and will only speak when I'm out of sight. "Masya Allah, apa bangang betol budak tu bawak basikal kat sini."

Lawanya bahasa~ why don't you just say it out loud and face me like a human being. But no~~ you want to haunt my conscience by your stinging aftermath.. oooh, scary and puaka sungguh ustazah...

Please, don't over do it baby. You'll be stunned on how much I know about Islam despite my chinese looking face and funky bike.

Ok~~ I'm judging people aren't I.

Well, ustazah-ustazah, put on your larger than life hijab, swirl it into a knob and kungfu me with it! fushushushushu... haiya... but no~~` you'll do it the magical way...the so called 'Islamic' way.



DaRk AnGeL said...

you met the wrong ustazah i think...
of course lah tak semua nye mcm tuh..
but yeah.. i dont deny the ones that you met..
so, here's the tipikal quote..
dont judge a book by its cover~!

afiq said...

i know im stereotyping but somehow as it seems here, ppl like to stereotype themselves~

kid said...

why la?

Anonymous said...

Ey, there aren't THAT many 'ustazahs' here... are there?
Haha.. I mean.. masyaAllah, I AM HERE too!

ps: but there's nothing wrong with the bike. it's so cool to be able to cycle around like that. wish I wear pants ALL the time ;-)

- Puteri.

afiq said...

no there's not too many ustazah here. but they pissed me off. Magic word here: empowerment!