The fuss on Lina Joy's case is making me mental. Seriously.

Petitions. Protests. Demonstrations. Rubbish. Sampah. Sarap.

Let me ask you something?

In Islam, what is more important: a person's appearance or Akidah?

Quality or Quantity?

Pakistan is a full Islamic country that practices Hudud: but have you not seen extremely poor people there asking for money at car windows? -Verily, poverty will lead to Kufur-

Muslims who drinks, casually commit adultery, never perform any prayers; what if they convert into Christianity. Will it make any difference?

Let me put it simply: we are blaming others for our own mistakes. It is a reflection of our ignorance. It is our fault.

And what better way to confront this issue than looking at ourself in the mirror.
Hit is Michael~

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
(If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place)
Take A Look At Yourself,

And Then Make A Change


Chemistry Grad said...

Lina Joy's case is actually not only questioning her faith and akidah, but also about losing our malay special rights.

my entry was purely to go against ubi kayu, ~ racist. i wanna show him/her that dont do such statement about chinese and malaysian. i just want him/her to look at our own race, malay. look at Lina Joy wat she had done. kata malay tak boleh dipisahkan dari Islam, kan?

i'm blaming such ppl like ubi kayu because kuman seberang laut nampak, gajah depan mata tak diendahkan..akhirnya gajah yg dekat tum buat diri sendiri merana.

apa la?!!

afiq said...

malay malaylah

muslim muslimlah

what muslims bloggers are doing now is scaring other races. I just dont get it. All of us, chinese and malay and indian contribute fairly to Malaysia. May I say so that chinese ppl are contributing more economically.

So why the MALAY patriotism?

Why.. Malaysian Patriotism takleh?
Muslim doesn't need patriotism. Its a way of life. Jihad. And Springing back with anger will not open eyes baby. It will only close it.

Kan Islam tu is all about kindness and affection.. that's WHY i dont get it! WARGHHHHHH!

Anonymous said...

Maybe most of us lahir after the 13th May so, tats y most of us think that "y shud we narrow ur tots?" we are all Malaysian, yes thats true. We are all malaysian. in us, nape still ade white n black? but they are all americans,aight? think bout it again, sume country pun apply the same thing. China, to do business there, u have to be chinese or at least ur partner in malaysia/china is chinese. Same goes to Japan, kat sane even worse, u talk english, diorang tak layan langsung. Y a big fuss? aren't culture is man made?

so, takkan protecting our own race in our own country, kene bang jugak?

everyone is entitle for their own opinion.

Judgemental ade banyak category, choose your.

Anonymous said...

Judgemental ade banyak category, choose yours.

Anonymous said...

Dear Afiq,
I hardly have time to browse the internet but today I took time to read some of what u wrote ( no everything though)You know how buzy a working parents can be.Yup that is another topic I am going to write in your blog about "PARENTING", from my point opinion and I wish I will find time to do that. By the way Mama Ida has got herself a new titinium mtb. Don't think she mama ida will let anyone ride her new precious bike, of cause except me ( I am praying for that)
I was wondering what happened to u, after u called me about your laptop, I totally forgot about that until adik, mentioned your name, I just remembered, wondering whether your 500 ringgit deposit was forfeited by the computer shop. U never did return call so I called up your bapak and he said all was taken cared, and I asked him, "taken cared"?. It took him a few second, and he explained that "taken cared" to me I shook my head in disbelieved.
My time is up, time to get up from my seat,wear my tie and rush to a meeting. That s how I make my living to feed abang, adik, ajin, nisa and of cos 5 others (kio,dutches,rio,eyeshadow,chiwawa)That s what parents are, how bad or good they are ( depend on how u judged them!!!!)
Oh by the way, the five others are cats and kittens,( for everyone else, Afiq knew that)

uncle Lan

Anonymous said...

opss..sorry afiq, the respond was supposed to be this cina, melayu, india issue isn't it? The race issue is here to stay, u can argue all u might, the issue is still there as long as we called ourself, melayu, cina or india and don't forget others atau dan lain-lain.Racist? or hypocrite? (did i got that spelling right?), you choose. Not eveyone will agree with me, but that is my opinion. The truth is ugly, your blog is what you write, u are entitled to ur "afiq says", uncle Lan seldom says his mind, he observed, and said when needed. Your Umi has her own mind, your bapak has his. If I am not mistaken, I quote what u said, something like this "damn to people who take rasuah" or something like that, you know your bapak won't be "damn" othewise, u ll be staying in a hotel rather than a hostel like right now. A wise man did say this " U can judged people and people can judged u too" I just made that up.hahahahaha..
Study hard afiq.
uncle Lan

afiq said...

well anonymous,

its not my opinion really, its what I choose to accept from my religion which everyone are brothers.

Aren't we suppose to learn from history? Let's say we didn't from what had happened from may the 13th, the notion will still be going on. duh. *duh is included to selambakan my hard knock statement*


contrary to ur personal belief, my post has nothing to do with ur post. It's the so called fiasco in IIUM...

Uncle Lan,

Okay okay okay.. oh yes, the laptop was fully 'sponsored' by Bapak. It was made clear that the family has their own financial plans so Bapak decided to financed the Laptop.

MALAY special rights should be abolished anyway... it'll serve an effective wake up call..

Kreng~~~~~~ (^_^)'

Anonymous said...

Umi son afiq, having a break from report write-up as 2morro our 4th site meeting. Malay n chinese is not d same as muslim n chinese coz malay who do not practice ADDIN are dishonest n blood sucker. As a muslim we can do n work with everybody n others will valuate u better coz with ADDIN we have that goodwill n trust.

Umi experiences many of this n ALLAH's Blessing umi receive whispers whats coming n insyaallah all goes well, not forgetting theres bound 2 b malay who will sweet talk but later stab u till terduduk. More reason 2 practice ADDIN. Has always love ALLAH n takut HIS punishment more than human. Be it what others do 2 u, just walk straight n u'll find d light first. Take care dear umi son afiq n b truthful is all that is. Take d first step in ADDIN n ADDIN will shine all the way to ur dreams a succesful muslim person. Amin.
Love u always umimax

afiq said...

okay umi,

it seems that this post attracts family.. (???)

but nvm lah

Anonymous said...

Afiq, kes line joy ni, kalau dia menang, ada over 100000 org melayu lain yg akan minta the same thing - to change religion..
TU yg org TAK NAK.
sebaik-baiknya, kita sebagai Muslim kenala react sikit.
Pasal tu ramai yg buat petition.
It's pahala for them and a good way to protect Islam's rights.
Biar je la.. I see leaflets, posters and pamphlets about it EVERYWHERE also here in UIA u know... let's bear them togethter =)

Plus, kalau Lina Joy menang kan, kedudukan mahkamah syariah akan direndahkan.
Tak elok la camtu..

(ps: ive been speaking more malay today, excuse me for posting in our language.. which is unusual for me ;p)

haha.. tcare you =)


Chemistry Grad said...


Anonymous said... many okay afiq.hey I read someone wrote abolished malay s right and that will give them a wake up call..hmmm..interesting..hey lets bomb labenon..that sure is a wake up call...hey let s invade Iraq..they have weapon of mass destruction.., now it north korea, heck I ve got my geographical location wrong, the "blair" witch project beating around the 'bush',anyway they are JUST muslims we murdered. What do u say we abolished chinese rights in Singapore, is there chinese right in singapore? How do I know, I am not a Singaporean. I think I got it all wrong..we are talking about changing can I strayed from the subject ( I m not supposed to swear on the net..damn me) By the way, I am back in Penang using adik s pc, and adik said, teruk lah bapak ni..and she is right behind me now, giggling away. Is that your Umi going for the site meeting, Hi ___aka umi (I m not supposed to called ur umi, umi, but nvm lah..will not revealed her identity) okay let s talk about religion and God before we talked about ADDIN. So many names is given for God with so many religions.Our God is Allah, Christian God is Lord, and are we praying to the same God? I supposed we are coz Jesus is also Nabi Isa in the Quran.What s the different? beats me,nvm lah, by the way, why are we ever buying new changih phone, why not stick to the old one, affordibility? no!! even kids nowaday can beli phone changih, why buy pentium 5 pc(is there pentium 5?) rather than 4 cos it s better i supposed. Why is it better? new tech evolved with time CHANGIH..pu la mak.Tak payah lah afiq carry hard drive and casing everywhere coz dah ada laptop, why buy laptop, coz again, technology evolved with time. I supposed religion is the same, cangihhhh..religion evolved with time..which is first..christian or muslim?Adam and Eve, Adam dan Hawa,
Joseph = yussof, Christ = isa, Muhammad, there is no equation I guess, cos he was the last. remember tech evolved with time, I ll buy Islam coz it is the last pentium to mankind..opss i dont wanna be sexist....hummankind. Why a person wants to quit the latest pentium and go back to the maybe 486 speed, I don't know. Affordibility? understanding religion don't cost nothing. Orang kata pandai lah u cakap..u are malay and borned as answer will be..phewww..I am so damn lucky. I wonder what Judas will say about that ( oh..they just discoved his Gospel ). Anyway, a good friend of my bapak, he has passed away ( God bless his soul)said to me.. Religions is like a delta that flows to one place, THE SEA. and no religion teaches you to do bad things..True..true..100% I let s invade Iran.

uncle lan
ps : ajin is reading is ranma s comic

Anonymous said...

But as the saying goes, ‘no one can be their own best critic’. That’s why it’s important to receive critiques from others with an open mind. No one likes to hear they’re doing something wrong, but we should take every opportunity we can to hold ourselves to account before we are held accountable by the All Seeing, All Hearing and All Knowing God.

afiq said...


i have no objection on the ongoing protest but what annoys me is the kampung attitude that goes along with it. You know what i mean? It's like da ketua kampung gave an enthusiastic speech pastu everyone hits the road with parang and cangkul. That annoys me.

And I am more concerned on why these muslims decides to leave Islam and convert to other religions. Marriage, family, environment? And I think these findings are important so we could improve ourselves or the country as a whole.

Unc. Lan tulis memanjang dan secara selamba. I have no objection jugak except for the fact that ajin is reading a very bosan manga.

And dear anonymous,

Be a dodoler and dodol urself. It is as if I don't accept criticiscm. U are dodoling assuming things. I live on criticism. Why I have crit sessions 2 days a week.

Don't make my blood go upstairs okay. Crit la or whatever, u dont have to judge me in the dodoling process.