72 hours later...

There's nothing new about going to Penanglah. But the trip was much more enjoyable because there were studiomates tagging along. It was sober fun. Nothing surreal. Nothing that interesting. But it was something. Something we'll be talking about for the rest of our lives.
Note: the Penang flag is much bigger than the Malaysian flag
Ahh.. The highlight of local tourists: jeruk especially buah Pala. I'm allergic to these delicacies you see~ they'll make moi throat and face swell.
Oh gosh. gosh. gosh.

"Ya marpama, yade ko paap ne pappadom ey twenty two. Ah Chai, Line Clear~~~"

Wat da DOdoL!

I wanted to say -I'm not an Ah Chai. I'm a Abu or Mamat. Or or Kadiaq- Ignorance is bliss. Its necessary. Haha.

The best NASI KANDAR in the world baby *lips trembles as I type* Line Clear. The history of Line Clear goes back as far as my parents' childhood. The Nasi Kandar veiled me with a visual trance of cruising on white puffy clouds along side Ganesh and other Hindu Gods.

Nasi + Udang + Sotong + Telur Sotong = RM22

Coconut Shake = RM1.50

Sirap Limau =RM1

The joy of saying "Line Clear" and by definition really meant it after the meal:


A very unwise t-shirt selection. I swear there was steam coming out from my pants when I got back from the site.

This is something we do very very very very often. Checking shot pictures. This picture is a tribute to Kak Zihan (miss smiley) She made breakfast. And ironed my t-shirts. It's good to be nineteen~


DaRk AnGeL said...

bestnyeh pi penang~!
afiq ke tuh yg berbaju hitam? oh.. baru lah nmpk sket and kenai sket muka hang...
tapi sedapnya pala.. rugi lah hang tak dapat merasa~!

afiq said...

yeap, that's me~ ala. dulu dapat jugak merasa pastu tercekik-cekik nak bernafas.