dengtedeng teng dengggg deng

Do you think I'm secular? A secularist.
i think my promo bike is working.. rating is higher than usual this week
To be clear, being a secularist is being a non-muslim because Islam does not acknowledge secularism.
so sial lah dis com.. so many porn.. cc com. must be those afros...aiya
The term secular, from the Latin Saeculum, conveys a meaning with a marked dual connotation of time and location.
unc lim still has the best roti kahwin..
I pray, I fast, I read the Quran, I cover my aurah, I seek knowledge. I'm a secularist?

Typical. Well I figure I have to stop wearing jeans and colderoy and wear slacks, replace my Vans shoes with Chapal and wear a kopiah.. Now I'm no longer a secularist right? Typical.
sex sales eh?
Some people judge others to the point that it gives me the impression of these people being excused from being judged by the almighty. On a personal(and emotional) note: GO TO HELL~
why is kid posting things that will make ppl undermine other muslims? -_-~
But I guess God will determine that. So that's that. Sudahlah. I'm getting sick of being called a secularist! So so so sick.
i think blogging is a burden sometimes
Aiseh, I'm out of undies... Off to the washing machine~
i have a total of 40 mini briefs and 5 boxer(i wear to sleeplah) 5 singlets....
Happy Saturday
to people who thinks I'm a secualarist:
Happy Self-realization-of-going-to-hell Day

You know I'm Joking...


Anonymous said...

i don't think you're a secular. u r a person looking for directions, exploring everywhere... very adventurous, very interesting person... wish to know more...


Hafidz Baharom said...


anyone who voices out against the whole Islamic fundamentalist movement is labelled a secularist.

i oppose the notion of Islamic government, because no non-muslim is allowed to be part of the government, just the advisory council.

so i'm one of those liberal muslims, which the conservatives label as secular.

afiq said...

nah~~ there should be no chambering of belief in Islam

muslim muslimlah, the rest who doesn;t follow: non-muslims

habis cerita