knitting faults and errors

during FFM
"I sound stupid when I speak in Malay, so I will make my speech in English."
She does sound stupid when she speaks in Malay you know... Sharifah Amani has a mismatched Utara-KL accent that will bother either KLites or Utara people. It's like me trying to speak Kelantanese or Terangganu for that matter. Jalang-jalang carik makang~
And the fuss is surreal. It just shows how Malays are so afraid of losing their identity. So afraid of having speech done in English. So afraid and intimidated and insulted. So very pathetic.
Let's face it Encik Rais, the art scene revolves around english as the main medium. Kakiseni who largely contributes to the Malaysian art scene uses english in its website. Most Actors and Actresses in quality movies and theatres are more fluent in English. Gavin Yap, Sharifah Amani, Patrick Teo, Ida Nerina, helooooo~ Datin Seri Tiara etc.
And yelah, Gubra corrupts societies when
-Bilal patted a dog
-A married couple engaged in foreplay
-Bilal is nice to hookers
But other movies invigorates and enhances malay tradition when
-Awi and Erra hugged at night when it's raining
-Adam kissed Misha Omar (mouth 2 mouth)
-Aqasha groped breasts and grind his body with another woman's
.Sharifah Amani traitor
Anyone spot the pattern? I just did but I'm not going to tell you. Biarlah Rahsia~~ Right Siti?
.sharifah amani FFM
It is a few of those things that makes me embarrassed to proclaim myself as orang melayu. So for the time being:
Foreigner: Where are you from brother?
Afiq: Nan Yang, Northern Province of Mainland China.


hmsb said...

I agree with you,

WTF was the big deal w S.Amani's 'insulting' speech?

If you ask me, it was just another excuse for the media to print out gobshite bcoz they made a right song & dance about it.


Btw, I've been reading ur blog for some time and I must say, I like ur writing style :)

I'll keep on reading if you keep on writing.

afiq said...

yea, they dig boolesheets.

Malaysian MEdia~~~