Monday hisabs

At a stall in Convest:

::Service kat sini buruklah::

::mmph, Melayu!::

Look who's talking lady.

Taken during a ride with E.. haha...

It is annoying to contemplate over this issue over and over again. Let us face it, stereotyping our race will not bear any fruit, disintegration does not unite. But pint-pointing our weaknesses in general will. It's fresher that way. Self-righteous if you see it from another angle but no one can't beat freshness. No matter how many spoonful of msg or spice we use in a dish, a fresh medium with absolutely no added artificiality will taste better.

Convest in IIUM is an example of several weaknesses I will like to point out (in general of course) even 95% of the people who attended Convest are Muslim Malays. Hygene. Is it genetic? Is it highly genetic? It is definitely not. Just unhygienic parents and their unhygienic offspring. I say so because I'd seen IIUM programmes strictly for IIUM students and I can tell you in the face that there will not be rubbish on the roads or anywhere else. Hmph, they're such an embarrassment sometimes. >_<"

A makcik who sells Halal guidebooks got hold of two of my friends and she was practically ignoring me even though I was walking along them. She presented and explained the benefits of the Halal guidebook and being the curious person I am, I asked "Apa tadi?"

She snapped and dismissively spat and spoke (in broken English) "I'm talking to this two guys, don't sembunyi and curi-curi tengok."

::What the DODOL!::
I said nothing. I know. I know I look like a non-muslim. A Chinese. I also know that there are 40 million muslims in china in comparison to Malaysian 18 million. I kept my composure and did absolutely nothing. I did my part. I was being tolerant and as long as I have my Mycard, I will always be a hygienic tolerant Malaysian. I have to admit, we Malaysians are far more tolerant than any other civilians in the world. It is a fact. It is known knowledge. I am proud to be a Malaysian. I am proud to be born and nurtured in Malaysia.

That's my festive Minah beside a splendidly coloured Kancil, Another general ambiguity. IIUM stundent politics or Ah Long case? Who knows. They are related in one way or another. ::hint::hint::

Watched Crash. It's a great movie, better than any movies I'd watched so far. It has the right mix of racial issues and it revolves around people consciences and subconscious state minds that in the end, an understanding was reached, racial issues will never go away but tolerance, tolerance is the only means to curb subsequent misunderstanding. The only way to reach this green small sized vegetable. Tolerance.

I cried four times watching Crash and I'm pretty sure it was chosen the best movie in the Academy Awards because of its eye-opening reality of American racism. The American Administration should take a step back and re-instate peace in their own country rather than meddling with other countries' affair. Maybe the Mr.SemakSamun is not accustomed to the phrase:

O, how can thee see the germ on another island when thee see not the elephant set fourth in front of thy eyes.

Because Mr. SemakSamun was not brought up amidst peaceful poetic phrases but was surrounded by SuperHeroes with the likes of Superman and Spiderman. Saving lives but fail to save marriages and old aunt. another ::hint::hint::

I have to postpone the I am a Muslimah entry because I need more pictures.(being the perfectionist I am) Might as well fulfil all aspect of feminine fashion right?

Too the loo~


Hafidz Baharom said...

4 times?? When??

I know one time must have been when the Mexican girl got shot, another time would probably be when Sandra Bullock hugged the maid, and the third would probably be when the cops mom blamed him for his younger brother's death.....

anyways, next time that lady does that to you, just give her a salam, and if she further annoys you, slap her!

afiq said...

you guessed it.. the fourth is the part when the black lady refused help from the policeman.. i was like "no,no don't be that way..."

regarding kid's blog, it will be on air as soon as the mother is away from NZ. I think she's scared of kid's sudden change. you knowlah, mothers...

Hafidz Baharom said...

after reading her friendster blog entry....kinda worrying also....