Ali Baba

A few weeks ago, Pak Lah issued a statement that concerns the lending of government development projects. He was angered by how projects are given to Bumiputera contractors but will eventually end up in the hands of non-bumi contractors. He also told reporters that the Ali Baba trade shound be stopped among Bumi contractors..
I don't think the problem is rooted with Bumi contractors entirely. Yes, some may succumed to the practice of selling projects to more experienced chinese contractors but it seems that the real plague lies within the process of tender giving. Most of the time, projects are given to big time political figures' 'unofficial' construction companies. Soon after the handing over of the tender, such companies will then sell the project to other non-bumi companies..
Even though many people whose work revolves around the field of construction are well-informed of the politics of tender-handing, exposing it will distrupt their own businesses or even the well being of family members.
So, shhhhh.......

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