Rosnah Mat Aris Bleached Bitch


In all fairness, how is that statement not offensive? Bleached Bitch. There you go. So from now on, whenever anyone search for Rosnah Mat Aris on Google, she will be known as the bleached bitch.

And the response, my goodness. Ridiculous. Poached in a sauce of ignorance. If I were to be present on the set, I'll shout

"Ay, Rasulullah dan Isterinya bukan hal main-main."

Who wouldn't?

Instead the audience laughed and chuckled.


Szakif said...

iv watched the video gotten from LAN gombak, since iv been there last week and i explored the network there. i found the video during the interview in sensasi and during her apologize in melodi. but heck! she said the phrase 'dah nak mampus' referred to her. listen to what she said. its directly meant for siti khadijah. we're not stupid la rosnah!

one more thing, who's she to talk about nabi and his wife? look at yourself la kak senah! shame on you. rambut perang, layan anak ikan... what all those?!

owh FYI, i didnt watch the TV during the live show.

Anonymous said...

the viewers at d set also bodo..