Island of Eagles

I think I've found myself. I found the placid core hidden beneath layers and layers of insecurities. A placid core I've known all my life (and I've finally come to love.)
It is simple really, to find myself. The recipe? A strip of ocean and pure white grains of sand that coats it. And being alone with someone I truly love, God. I saw myself in different streaks and was flabbergasted by my shortcomings. The indifference came to me when I was alone, in total silence and the only thing talking to me were my feelings. Gossipy and hissing, it reared its evil head over a white silky shit-shaped emotion we human call denial. Again, denial is not a river in Egypt, it is a whole ocean.

The pyro show was explicably fonding since it was performed by random tourists. I for one, wouldn't want to spend the rest of my days sulking over burns so.,.,.,, pass! There were all king of orangputeh surrounding the fire, talking about absolutely nothing, joy bubbled from stacks of six-packs.

Did I mentioned how heavenly the sand was? I could sleep at the beach if it weren't for the lingering tranvestites and prostitutes and nyamuks.
The hanging bridge at Gunung Mat Cincang is by far the scariest piece of architecture. How on earth do they construct such a nerve-wrecking bridge? Imagine being one of the welders, having to hang onto shaky scaffholding. One must ponder upon such atrocities of a mega-construction.
Makam Mahsuri. Mahsuri's Curse. It shows how the doa(prayer) of the down-trodden is so powerful that it had affected a whole island for seven generations.
I call them God boggers.
I was one of the very few who didn't even flinch when riding the tour boat. Terima kasih saya ucapkan pada Umi saya yang sering bawak saya naik kapal dari kecik sampai dah tua dan Bapak saya yang bawak saya naik speedboat untuk pancing Ikan taktala waktu cuti.
The journey back to KL was painfully dreadful, if not grudging. It is like tearing a piece of solace that coats my heart, it reaps and coils, like a vengeful spirit. But upon departure, the coating of temporary serenity freshened the very cavings of order. Refreshing, Reigniting, Recreating. Farewell was excruciating but solemnly peaceful. Like a crying homebird. Soaking the skies with memories.


Cekya said...

blog=hopped and found you...
you got great piccas during the visit to langkawi eh..

anyways, i've updated. decided to stop my entries kat fotopages and i'm gonna have a swell of a time posting kat blog skrg.hahhaha...less words now. more piccas...heheheh...

afiq said...

heheh (layann....)

piccas? its pictures fyi. pictures.

tak tanya pun, tiga lima, siapa kentut, keluar bunga...