Ask away, Afiq...

In this entry, I decided to ask my unforgiving alter-ego, Madba to answer some of the most sought after inquiries to date.

What is your response to the Nuclear enrichment in Iran?

My response? US, UK and Israel has nuclear weapons. Why not Iran? They are equipping themselves with the most advanced weapon and they are totally entitled to self-defense. They (Iran) is now the only oil reserve that had yet to be imperialized by the world's super power.

Do you support Anwar Ibrahim?

As far as horniness is concern, he ranks first. He, like any other politicians has a darker side and I can't blame him for going after guys since he was a former MCKK student.

What do you think of Mahathir?

He has guts. He has a vision. He's deeply misunderstood by the public. He is by far, the most honest politician in Malaysia.

An-Nisa Games?

Let them play sports without us ogling over their goodies.

Do you believe in super power conspiracy?

I do actually. I do. Illuminati. Satanist. Apertheid. The whole damn thing. I'll introduce you to my Japanese friend: SUE ME!

The flooding of Johor: who is to blame?

Natural disasters happens everywhere around the world. The blame game will not resolve anything. It is a fact hovewer that this country do not take the extra mile in preventing or at least minimizing the effects of natural disasters.

What do you make of films like Gubra and Sepet?

I am enthralled by the reality of both movies and would love to watch more of Yasmin's work. I've once dated a chinese girl and I have to say that interracial dating is never a problem in this country.

Do you think Malays are lazy?

No. I think Malays never learn from their mistakes. Full stop. I've heard a saying that goes: The most stupid people are people who never learn from their mistakes. There you go, a value intervention: malays are stupid.


missnadira said...

i totally agree with all of the answers...ALL of them..=)

afiq said...

yeah.. kita sama kapla!!!!