For a Greener Future

Title: For a Greener Future

Duration: 50 seconds

Ok ok ok... diatas merupakan video iklan untuk Jerneh. Must have been the easiest video I made so far. It took only an hour of shooting and 3 hours of editing. 4 hours! Man! It goes to show that with good planning, I can actually save time producing stuff like this.

1. The funnest bit would be the part when I sweep the floor with my bare hands.

2. The least fun would be the throwing part. The recycling bin was apparently locked beside the staircase so it was effin dark so the visuals are not so... erm inviting. It is as if by throwing papers in recycling bins, there's a slight chance of us finding a dislocated limb or an abandoned baby, or worse, a bucket of KFC. That'll be torture. It's a whole bucket of Hot & Spicy BUT it's just beside a dirty bin. Oh God Almighty, what am I to do?

3. Aaah, and the magical hands... You may notice that some of the timing of the hand motion is slightly off... Blue screens can be tricky at times, especially a homemade one.

4.Yes apparently I have lady-like fingers. Fingers that can be very misleading to any near-sighted makciks.

"Ini Bendi berapa ringgit?"


lubna said...

Love the concept. Other than the slightly off timing, good job!

J said...

AFIQ! I like this. & do you know that KAED has started a group called 'the green team'? If you permit us, this would be helpful.

afiq said...


aishah said...

cool clip afiq!!!