Icy water. Metal showerhead. Towel. Trusted loofah and foam. Heaven. The moment the stream of icy water touches my ears and covers my head I thought, this is so Godly. So heavenly. So heavenly Godly. In this brief moment, warm drops of tears mingled briefly with the icy Gombak water. God is Great. God is Great.
I guess this simplest form of pleasure will not be any different if I were to shower in a 7 star hotel suite at Burj Al-Arab or bathe at the Sungai Pusu waterfall. Water is the only property that constantly invades the intimate privacy of our bodies. It lingers and it flows. It clings it knows. Although sooted by society's expectations and money, small silly things like taking a shower will somehow bring us back to the very essence of pleasure and enjoyment.
*Rereads entry*
I've always wanted to go to Air Terjun Sungai Pusu. Maybe I will, tomorrow.
Maybe I will...

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Scarred Soul said...

You love water, don't you?