Heritage Studies Exhibition at KAED Gallery on Monday and Tuesday

1.There's absolutely nothing wrong with sexing up the blog. It's not even my aurat mind you. And sexing up is not the correct term. It is not as if upon visiting this blog, you'll suddenly experience orgasmic tremors. Very very unlikely-_-lah.
2.And I find it extremely sexist that my studiomates commented on me when I wore shorts last night. It covered my aurat goddamnit! YOU, YOU and YOUR shoulder baring tops and tight pants should be commented upon. Ghastly! Gah!
3.My life is unaffected by the fuel price hike because I made it a point to walk whenever necessary. The rice price hike is not a problem too, I never liked eating rice. It will affect me in a few weeks when other life necessities will become expensive. Like hairgel, deodarant and catfood.
4.We'd finished our heritage studies documentary and it'll be shown for all to see this Monday to Tuesday at the KAED Gallery. It's a free exhibition so feel free to drop by. I don't feel it's right to brag about it because it's really a group effort. I'm only the creative and music director and overall editor, though that will not be in the credits. Haha. Well, having a talentless megalomaniac leader who will never acknowledge anyone's efforts except for his own, I don't mind that my contributions are not properly stated. There are only two options in the multimedia process; it is either taking control in an obvious manner, get detested and rejected by him and ending up not having any control over the video at all or do my best and convince him that whatever I did is his work.
Like I said. I don't care
5.I'll be insanely schedule free for the next 25 days. I intend to filled those 25 days making money. I'll get my gaji soon and I'll invest it in a few projects one of them being an online manga trading site. I'm not an otaku no but I acknowledge the length most otakus will go to get their mangas. And what better way to acknowledge such commitment than to aid it?
6.And Puteri and I met recently to record her voice, she narrated the heritage studies video you see.. and she was constantly praised by lecturers for her voice quality. We talked about Haikal. Alah you know... Haikal. The guy I had a crush on a few years back. She told me it's okay to be gay. I told her that it was just a phase. A phase in which I regretted because I was so vocal about it. I shrugged to this. I find shoving my penis in holes that were created to excrete shit disgusting if not grotesque. No, it's not the same. Urine is sterile and germs free and useful. Shit is just, you know.. shitty.I told her that there's no such thing as straight because love can be shared by everyone and everything. If I love my cat for example, does it mean I want to mate with it? So there's absolutely nothing wrong in loving a guy, as long as we don't make love lah. I love my friends and will do almost anything to help them. See? Nothing homoerotic about that right?


kaoru said...

I thought u said that the header was too revealing ;))

jannah said...

no wonder you asked for her full name.

anyway, i don't have classes in kaed for this sem, but i think i'll drop by :)

Hafidz Baharom said...

1. do people honestly think gay guys get off at the very sight of a hot guy?

damned misconception.

and yet, you don't see a straight guy dry humping any hot girl who walks a catwalk, now, do you?

3. well lucky you. I unfortunately have about 10 km to and fro work, and the Komuter isn't cheaper than driving there.

6. aww...

Puteri said...

Afiq, I just read your entry here, hahaha.. I had fun hanging out with you to record that, the things we talk about... man ;p

and i agree w you on love, its really subjective.
and i stil think thr's nothing wrong for ppl to be gay either.. - maybe im too liberal or i just like to take ppl for who they are..

but it was nice catching up even though it takes a pro bono service from me to do so ;p

ps: im going to need some help w an upcoming project of mine too, will tell you abt it later =)