Afiq's Top 9 Conspiracy Theory

You know what I think?

1. Ezam left PKR because he knows Anwar's real intention. He knows. If we want to know more about Anwar, ask his former bitch. Hell has no fury like a bitch's wrath.

2. Saiful is 23 year old. 23! He's not an underage nincompoop. Obviously if Anwar really did sodomized Saiful, the act was mutually consented. Anwar mungkin perasan dia Alexander the Great, mau bang his Hephastion.

3. Saiful may be planted to take pictures with ministers to make it look as if what is happening today is a conspiracy. Yes PKR fanatics are THAT blinded.

4. And if a conspiracy exists, it is probably headed by Anwar and planned by 12 kindergarten students from Tadika ABIM Kg. Kerian.

5. Rosmah's in big trouble. Karma bebeh. Karma. You don't see me exploding my roommate Megat because Shasha likes to be around him more these days.

7. Khairi is Anwar's no.1 fan. Khairi and the Gang.

8. The embassy hu-ha shows that:

8.1. Anwar is a chicken or

8.2. It was planned by him to put the government in close scrutiny by the international media.

8.3. Coming soon near you! Sivaji the Boss2: Turkish Delight.

9. Mahathir is silenced when he realized that he was made a fool by both Anwar and his previous cabinet members.

10. 1-9 is fiction. Yes, fiction. Cherita rekaan semata-mata. Tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup (Mahathir. Anwar, Khairi, Ezam, Saiful) atau yang mati (Altantuya, hatiku)


missnadira said... hilarious and cynical..hmm.lame xsinggah sini..

afiq said...

singgah jgn tk singgah