Gather Around Kids..

Dina will also be working with me. She'll be in charge of the Sudanese Henna, since you know, she's a Sudanese and she's a henna expert. I just want people to spend more money while they're waiting for the handwriting analysis or the other way around.
I will also sell my old cds and novels. All for RM10 only.
I learned how to analyze handwriting through various books on espionage and secret service. I started young and got better at reading people's state of emotions and their long denied flaws. I'd read more than a thousand handwritings so far so don't worry, this is not a hoax nor is it a syirik practice.
It's science!
And YES, I've a new film-related project. I was asked to make a 10 minute video for future graduates of Psychology under Human Science department. The theme of the video is 'Together We Meet, Together We Share and it will be premiered during their graduation dinner. I can't wait to get started.
SAIKO des!

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